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Suggestions / Disable TCP downloads or Uploads independantly
« on: April 21, 2016, 02:33:17 PM »
I've been having this issue where heavily seeded torrents, think Ubuntu, have a lot of people with many different clients, many of which don't negotiate uBT for one reason or another. Many of these heavy seeders seem to have buffer bloat issues which is causing them to flood me with duplicate packets. uTP is not doing this because it is already latency aware.

I have wireshark'd my WAN and looked at the most offending TCP flows for dup-packets, and every single time, the seeder has an average of 1,500ms+ 1-2 hops before them. I still have relatively low latency, tens of milliseconds, but they are flooding themselves.

Why do I care? Because up-to 50% of my download is being consumed by these dup-packets, causing me to get flooded. They're effectively DDOSing me. On average, I'm seeing about 20% of my incoming traffic dup-packets. Because my stateful firewall filters out acknowledged TCP segments, I may see something like 100Mb/s in the WAN and only 60Mb/s out the LAN. With a normal healthy seeder I will see 100Mb in and 100Mb out.

If I had a simple way for qBittorrent to not download via TCP, that should stop my issue. Most TCP congestion algorithms on a bufferbloated network are bad-actors.

Windows / qBT compiled with 3GB
« on: April 26, 2015, 05:35:52 PM »
Since there is no 64bit version, may there be a version compiled with 3GB support, so virtual memory is increased by 50%? Right now, with a 1200MB cache, I am seeing about 1.8GB of virtual memory in use, so I dare not increase the cache any more, but if 3GB was compiled in, then I could add almost another 1GB.

On a side note, I see under statistics "read cache hits". I assume this is a hit rate and not the total number of hits, so 87 means 87% of reads hit the cache? The reason I ask is because I'm uploading about 3MB/s, but reading about 10MB/s from the HD. That brings up two questions. Even without the caching layer, why is my HD reading 3x more than I'm uploading? I can understand it won't match 1:1, but my intuition thinks it should be close, like less than 2x. Assuming 87 actually means 87% hit rate, shouldn't HD IO be less than upload rate if most of the data is being served from cache?

If the 87 doesn't actually mean an 87% hit rate, then what does it mean and is there a better algorithm to increase cache hits? I can understand that a small cache relative to the total data is impossible to make decent if the reads are effectively random over the entire data set, but most of my current uploading is being done by a smaller 5GB and the 1.2GB cache should be doing something. But yeah, 10MB/s read from HD and 3MB/s upload.

Windows / Other ports
« on: January 25, 2015, 05:36:19 PM »
Tools->Options->Connection  Listening port is set to XXX00
Tools->Options->Advanced-> Outgoing Ports min(XXX00) max(XXX20)

I was hoping this would make sure my local ports for incoming and outgoing would always be in this range. That is not true. TCP connections are just fine, but UDP are not. I am seeing a different set of random UDP ports each time the program is loaded.

One run I saw: 51879, 51880, 51881, 51882, 51883, 51884, 51885
Another run I saw: 62683, 62684, 62685, 62686, 62687, 62688, 62689

Both times the ports never changed once the program was loaded, so I know it wasn't for new connections. How do I control these ports?

Windows / Not enough space - then errors
« on: December 09, 2014, 12:36:16 AM »
I have a bunch of finished torrents that I am seeding, and after a while, I get there "Not enough space" errors from qB's tray icon. I have 116GB space free on the drive and all of the torrents are already finished. None of them claim to even be downloading.

It also tends to pause torrents just prior to erroring. I have Torrent queuing and Share Ratio Limiting both disabled.

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