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Windows / IP filtering
« on: August 17, 2017, 11:50:31 pm »
I use IP filtering only to get rid of people who do not behave well and this client (v3.3.14) is causing me big problems doing it.

To filter an IP (ex:
1- I write - in the ipfilter.dat file.
2- Then i clic on "reload the filter" in the "connection" panel and this is it.
This is very easy and i don't have to stop the client.

But to unfilter a filtered IP, this procedure doesn't work and the only way i found to make it work is this:
1- I delete the line - in the ipfilter.dat file.
2- Then i stop the client.
3- Then i wait 1 minute to allow saving of the files progression.
4- And finally, i restart the client in order to reload the updated ipfilter.dat file.

As you can imagine, this procedure is very inappropriate because the stop will cause the loss of the connections with all the pairs and in many cases, i will not be able to reconnect with all those pairs.

Did i miss something or is it the way this client work ?

The client (uTorrent) i was using before this one was doing it and it was SO HANDY because i did not have to stop the client.

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