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I'm a noobie to QBT, coming from uTorrent.  It was very easy to relocate a Folder then "Set the Location", Recheck and you were good to go.

I have been playing with QBT, needing to relocate folders to new drives and in doing so, I can't quite figure out what QBT is doing.  When I use the "Set Location" function, it wants to create a new file ext: .!qB which is preallocated, and rather than be ready to seed, it wants to re-download, the good file is in the directory as well.  If I pause the torrent.  Delete the .!qB file the Set Location created, and rename the good file with the added extension of .!qB then Recheck, everything is good.  But this is a lot of messing around.

What am I missing, it should not be this hard, or this many steps.

So what is the correct way to get QBittorrent back to seeding a folder/file after it has been moved?  What I have found in forum makes no mention of this .!qB file so what do I have setup wrong or what has changed that requires all this  messing around to avoid re-downloading every folder/file I move?


Windows / All Downloads are Stalled, what is causing this?
« on: January 03, 2019, 12:22:33 am »
Ok, so I moved over from uTorrent because after 5000 torrents, uTorrent starts failing.  I have been using qBt for a month or so, but now any torrent I try to download from any site, moves data for 10-20 secs then falls into a "Stalled" mode.  I paused all 5700 torrents so my downloads are the only thing active, yet my download speed is 0 B/s and all stalled.  I can tweek them, ie pause/resume and I get some traffic for a few seconds then back to "Stalled".  Something is definately wrong with qBt.  I'm running 4.1.4.

As I have been doing this for years with uTorrent, I do not suspect my network in anyway.  It is something in the way qBt works internally.  Does anyone have an idea on what I need to do get this working?  I'm not using Torrent Queueing, but would like to once it gets fixed. 

Hopefully there is a qBt guru out there that knows what's happening.

Thanks in advance for any help

UPDATE: (1-7-2019)

I figured out the stalling was due to and out of space condition on one of my volumes.  I have 5 large volumes so easy to miss.  qBt does not really tell you this is the issue.  Once I moved some torrents around, things cleared up, just wish qBt was more informative that a file it is trying to write to failed due to a space condition vs just going into a "Stalled" state. So this issue is resolved.  Now I have a moving file issue see below.

I recently switched over from uTorrent to qBT using the Ruby on Rails script which worked great.  Cudo's to the author of that. 
I made the switch because I have over 6000 torrents that I seed to 3-4 private sites and I reach some sort of limit in uTorrent which I could not get past.

So my issue is that I really want to restrict my "Active Torrents" to 20 or so, yet the Torrent Queueing settings under the Bittorrent section has limits that cause me issues.  The Maximum active torrents can only go up to 999, so that puts 5000+ torrents in a queued state which is not good where bonus points are given for seeding, and the queue status seems to make them not visable from I can tell. 

So I currently have that option turned off, and at any given time I have 200-250 "active uploads" which is way too much, and reduce the bandwidth to nothing for those connected.

So my question is whether we can get the Maximum active torrents increased in a future release of the UI or is there a settings file I can edit to override this? 

I really want to provide connected users with better bandwidth, but this seems to be the only way to control the limits.  Am I missing something or is my understanding of the "Queued Status" of a torrent wrong?  Looking for some guidance here.


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