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MAC / Speed problems
« on: January 10, 2019, 08:31:40 pm »
Hi all,
Newbie on the forum.
I'm using qbittorrent 4.1.5 on a mac and the speed is shockingly slow! Not only that, it seems to be taking up 90% of my bandwidth too.
The fastest speed I have witnessed so far has been 427Kb/s whilst my broadband speed is 3.8Mb/s
If qbit is operating it takes more than 20 seconds to open a tab on Safari for google.
Surely this can't be right?
Vuze regularly downloaded at up to 3Mb/s but I was advised that qbit was better. I need to ask the recommender, in what way is it better? It seems to me that it just really poor!
Anyone got any ideas?
I've followed all the recommendations for upload/download limits etc but none of it made any difference.
Thanks all

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