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Generic / trackers suddent not connecting
« on: March 10, 2019, 04:02:29 AM »
Been using qBittorrent for months now. For some reason, as of this past weekend, my client will not connect to any tracker I use. I have the Connection Status Offline in the clients bottom tool tray.

I run a VPN desktop client, and have port forwarding set up. That port is entered in qBittorrent's settings.

Nothing has really changed in my settings for qBittorrent  or my VPN for months, so not sure whats going in. I uninstalled qBittorrent  yesterday, and installed a version of uTorrent, and I was able to connect just fine. I also uninstalled qBittorrent  and installed an older version of qBittorrent  and still would not connect. I have been running the latest version of qBittorrent  and maybe it was updated in the last week or so.

ANy help would be greatly appreciated. Not sure what kind of info or log files anyone would need from me, but let me know and I can paste them. Thanks in advance!

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