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How to setup QbitTorrent? My IP changes constantly, provider's fault. I am using a live linux distro since my HDD failed. Clean install every time. QbitTorrent works fine this way with public torrent trackers. But how do private trackers work? How is my local qbittorrent client associated with my username on the site? And finally, how do private trackers track my upload/download ratio? I am not that interested in downloading files. I am more interested in uploading and seeding my own files. The DMCA take-downs have made older stuff difficult to get. I am not trying to do this out of generosity. The books, movies, music I have stored in an external HDD were once available online, not anymore. My idea is to seed them again and sort of spread them around so to increase the chance of finding them later in case my external HDD fails. I am having trouble figuring this out: configure the client to create and seed torrents with private trackers. Thanks. Much obliged.

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