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Linux / QBT search won't return results properly
« on: September 30, 2019, 07:32:22 AM »
Hi folks, i got a machine running Ubuntu 18.10  with QBT 4.1.8 (tarball), it used to return search results just fine, but now it only returns things from legittorrents. I thought it was my ISP blocking torrents, so i switched to the Windows partition (Win 10 x64) and installed QBT there, it works fine on windows tho, i also tested QBT's search on another machine i have (running Manjaro) and it also works fine. Here's some other stuff i did:

- Delete and re-installed all search plugins;
- Uninstalled and re-installed QBT;
- Started QBT from the terminal to see if it would return anything, but no dice;

I'm at a loss here, does anyone know of some other possible solution or procedure so we can pin-point what's happening?

Many thanks in advance!

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