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Both main page and your link still show 4.1.3, having been a couple of days I expect that this should be showing now. Nevermind, read about the crashing of the 64bit build though I haven't experienced any issues.

I have one small issue with 4.1.3 where the CPU sits at about 20% or so and the app needs to be closed every week or so to fix it, any ideas on if that's been fixed? Guess I'll find out shortly, I have it installed.

Windows / Re: I/O error
« on: August 15, 2018, 09:25:42 AM »
I'd start playing with cache settings..

Is there a way of distinguishing a torrent that has trackers 'not working' especially those that have no working trackers?

Sledge could someone add this? it would be a pretty quick job and would help a lot, thanks!

This one too,

I feel like this client is really starting to come together now, what was the result of the torrent moving issue? Fixed in 4.1.2?

Windows / Re: Weird issue with Queuing
« on: June 29, 2018, 09:43:19 AM »
Yeah, I'm seeing this too.. Ever since I enabled queuing I've got a bunch of stuff sitting at 99.9% that won't download further after rechecking.. This needs some priority.

Also seeing torrents at 100% but still listed as downloading.

Sledge if selecting multiple torrents to move, could you make em move sequentially? It's not readily apparent how things are being moved, but the hdd is grinding more with multiple moves as long as it's all being done within the same category.

Also if it encounters another directory with the same name could you please prompt to overwrite rather than just blitzing what's already there?
Just had a BDMV overwritten with another BDMV moved to the same location.. :(

Also, please get someone to update the screenshots over at

The issue you raised here has since been closed.

Windows / Delete resume data
« on: June 13, 2018, 06:54:32 AM »

Never mind. I found the file name extensions were wrong so files weren't being picked up.

Regarding the recheck issue, I've got a torrent that just won't get checked. The filenames are right, the directory is right and yet nothing.
I downloaded a few files from it because the torrent wasn't complete and added everything together, I've deleted the torrent (including ticking delete files) and readded many times
and it only checks the files I downloaded and stops.

Fixed it, thanks Explorer.

Actually, don't worry, I realized that isn't going to do what I want any way. I'm simply after 'Move completed torrents to'  + 'Append the torrent's label' feature that's in uTorrent.
Potentially you could add a sub option to that that only does this once the seeding time/ratio is met.

Few other things.

It would be cool to be able to run external programs on completion only for certain categories too, so one can auto extract archives for example.

Having saved 'Set Locations' expand out on right click would be neat, I can add locations into Explorers Quick Access, it's just not as quick. Quite often we want to move things the same few places.

Is there a way of distinguishing a torrent that has trackers 'not working' especially those that have no working trackers? If not, please look into it, thanks!

Can't get anything to work, if you get the time can you hammer out a solution? Seems like there's quite a few people online that can't get this working, with uTorrent it's simple.

I expected 'run external program' to work for me now with 4.1.1 to move a completed torrent, but cmd robocopy "%D" "f:/%L/" isn't working for me.
Would really like to see this built in but until then can you provide a command that will succeed with this?

Where can I find the changes applicable to 4.1.1 The change log lists everything.

Yeah empty and unchecked. Looked before posting, also I've never used them. Haven't seen any further log entries like this though.

On another note, could you copy the below layout for qbittorrent's mouse over the tray icon? I think ATM it's a bit spartan and can be improved by mirroring uTorrent's mouse over info. Cheers.

Nice. On another note, I got a few of these in my log. 11-May-18 1:55 AM - was blocked due to IP filter.
I'm not using an IP filter though, is this some auto blocking feature? If so could it be clarified in the log?

Yeah that's exactly it. I just now had some semi torrent downloaded files in a folder, lets called it c:\1\1, now I had downloaded the entire content from elsewhere to c:\1\2, so of course I want to change the location and recheck to full. I renamed the torrent name from 1 to 2 within qBitorrent so it matched the folder name but of course that didn't update the directory link internally so I 'set location' to c:\1 and you would think that because the torrent name is 2 and the directory 2 is there under c:\1 it would pick it up, but it doesn't, it's still stuck linked to c:\1\1. So I deleted c:\1\1 and renamed c:\1\2 to c:\1\1 and of course it rechecked fine.

Alternatively like I said I probably could've moved c:\1\2 to my default download directory and it would have it picked it up there but that was 30GB so I took a shortcut.

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