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Windows / Re: No longer can download
« on: September 07, 2017, 04:31:19 pm »
"2nd issue is that when I close and try to reopen qbittorrent nothing shows up."

I also have this issue and i found that it is due to the program saving the files progresses before closing.
The more downloading files there is, the longer it will take to save the files progresses.

So, it is not a good idea to interrupt the program while it is saving those files progresses.
What i do is simply click again on the icon to restart qBT and it will finally restart once it will be finished with the savings.

Windows / Re: IP filtering
« on: August 19, 2017, 06:18:32 pm »
I modified my settings from 500,500,200,50 to 500,100,200,50 which means:
500 max connections global
100 max connections per torrent (this is more than enough)
200 max upload slots global (at my 12 MB/s max UP speed, it means an average of 60 KB/s per slot)
50 max upload slots per torrent  (this is more than enough)

So far, i never met a single peer capable of leeching me at 12 Mb/s but i reached this limit a few times with several leechers.
I know some of those peers could leech at 12 Mb/s and even more but on a private tracker there is always a lot of seeders that compete each other.

On the other side, i never met so far a single seeder capable of seeding me at 36 MB/s but i saw one that reached 9 MB/s.
The guy had a russian flag and i was alone with him on the torrent.
But i reached this 36 Mb/s limit with several seeders on a private tracker.

On my qBT and uTorrent clients, the uTP protocol is not activated already so i avoided (without knowing it) the speed problem you mentioned.

Regarding your extreme speed test, it is as you said:
The test shows the limit of the client but the result is a bit corrupted by the limit of the processor.
However, it showed that all clients will perform well despite those limits because it is within the limits of the internet connection.
However, it still shows that some clients are more fragile than others and that some combination of clients are also more fragile.

So if you want to play safe and stay away of potential problems, then it is better to stick with clients that performed the best at that test.

Windows / Re: IP filtering
« on: August 19, 2017, 02:30:01 am »
Problems that happens with video players reading a torrent in download should be ignored because this is not the normal environment for a reader. You use it just as a tool to see the quality of the file in download.

Human beeings will always be human beeings with the mistakes that comes with it.

But i tried not to do those mistakes you just mentioned when i modified my settings to accomodate my brand new very fast connection (300 Mb DN, 100 Mb UP).
In the connection panel, i wrote 500, 500, 200 and 50 as the 4 connections limits.

I reached my max DL speed of 36 MB/s a few times with very well seeded torrents of course and less often my max upload speed of 12 MB/s because private trackers are well seeded (so i have competitors) and on public trackers, there is not many peers who can download at 12 MB/s (in fact i have never seen one yet).
I was using qBT.

Windows / Re: IP filtering
« on: August 19, 2017, 12:37:36 am »
You know quite a bit more than i know Switeck and many of those things will then be just undetectable for me.

However, regarding the sequential downloading, i never had the problems you mentioned and i download from well seeded private trackers as well as from poorly seeded public trackers.

Regarding the swarms that many people claims it is affected by sequential downloading, my opinion is that this is not true most of the time.
In fact, it will be true only in the rare cases where a poorly seeded torrent will be highly leeched with many of them using sequential downloading.

If you are the only one using sequential downloading among say 6 leechers on a poorly seeded torrent, there will be no harm at all.
And even if 50% of those leechers are using seq DL, the harm will always be much less than the one caused by the many leechers who reduce their output to a ridiculous few hundred bits/sec and have an input wide open to the point it drains all your bandpass leaving nothing for the other leechers. So, it is always a great pleasure for me to filter out those guys.

An other bug qBT has is the download "first and last pieces first".
1 time out of  2 or 3, it will not download even with several seeders at 100%.
To make it works, i must uncheck (and let unchecked) the "first and last pieces first" command and it will then start immediately.
AMAZING isn't it ?

Windows / Re: IP filtering
« on: August 18, 2017, 03:07:52 pm »
Thank's Switeck for confirming what i was thinking so i can now stop thinking that i missed something.

Regarding the PERMANENT BAN you also refer to, this is a feature different to what i am talking about but you are right saying it require a manual file editing to remove the permanent banned IP written in it. In my opinion, this "permanent ban IP" feature is useless since that IP can just be put in the ipfilter.dat file and treated by the filter.

The way i understand it, the "reload the filter" button IS NOT RELOADING the filter but only ADDING IP's to filter.
On the other hand, this is the client restart that is reloading the filter and this is why this procedure works but not the other.

This is very sad because this problem would be very easy to fix.
All they would have to do is to empty the filter before the "reload the filter" button adds IP's to filter.

I use qBittorrent for its great searching tool and its capability to download in sequence which allow me to preview a film very early in the download process but this IP filter flaw is a pain that may make me looking for an other client capable of downloading in sequence (there are others but not many) as well as filtering IP correctly.

I made a google search on the terms "sequential download" to find out other clients that do sequential download and instead i found that uTorrent already does it but the command is hidden.

To see it, you must hold SHIFT + F2  keys while you click on Options/Preferences/Advanced and then you must set to true the now visible options    bt.sequential_download   and   bt.sequential_files.

So i made the tryal with a short film and my old uTorrent 2.2.1 client and it works just fine.

Windows / IP filtering
« on: August 17, 2017, 11:50:31 pm »
I use IP filtering only to get rid of people who do not behave well and this client (v3.3.14) is causing me big problems doing it.

To filter an IP (ex:
1- I write - in the ipfilter.dat file.
2- Then i clic on "reload the filter" in the "connection" panel and this is it.
This is very easy and i don't have to stop the client.

But to unfilter a filtered IP, this procedure doesn't work and the only way i found to make it work is this:
1- I delete the line - in the ipfilter.dat file.
2- Then i stop the client.
3- Then i wait 1 minute to allow saving of the files progression.
4- And finally, i restart the client in order to reload the updated ipfilter.dat file.

As you can imagine, this procedure is very inappropriate because the stop will cause the loss of the connections with all the pairs and in many cases, i will not be able to reconnect with all those pairs.

Did i miss something or is it the way this client work ?

The client (uTorrent) i was using before this one was doing it and it was SO HANDY because i did not have to stop the client.

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