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I'm on 4.04 which is having the problem.

I doubt that is my problem...6 core i7 with 12gb of Ram!

Guys this is a big issue for anyone on Windows where an update or reboot can cause QBT to not quit gracefully and then be stuck waiting 30 minutes after it restarts because it has to recheck (at a snails pace mind you) not just the files you are currently downloading but any files you might have been seeding at the time when Windows force quit the app.

I even paused all torrent 15 minutes ago then quit and yet QBT is still running in my Task Manager!

Is there a fix or a nightly I can run to solve this problem?

Windows / Re: General Support Q&A Windows Thread
« on: March 03, 2018, 09:55:29 pm »
I find this text confusing as it would seem to expose your IP to peers...
Be sure to leave "Use proxy for peer connections"unchecked
Should I really be unchecking that box?

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