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Windows / Re: Arrow selected
« on: January 09, 2019, 12:20:45 AM »
You don't understand.
Quite correct- what you mean by this:
I don't want to be another tab with arrow selected, I want to be and "Name" like that others.

Please rephrase.

Windows / Re: Arrow selected
« on: January 08, 2019, 02:46:10 PM »
A simple click on any other column should fix it. Additionally, if you right click on a column, you can control which are displayed, so you can try removing 'Name'.

1) The right way to relocate a torrent [in qBittorrent] is by selecting the torrent in qBittorrent, right-clicking, and selecting 'set location'. It'll move it and continue managing with no more input required.

2)Assuming you relocated using windows, 1+recheck should work.

3)If 2 didn't work because of .!qB related problems, you can try
A)Disabling .!qB in options (signifying incomplete download) or
  • Copy the torrent file to the desktop,
  • In qBittorrent select--> context menu--> delete torrent only
  • Move content to default location
  • Open the saved torrent, making sure to select 'recheck'. Hopefully you should be good to go.

P.S. Depending on your reasons on moving the torrent, you may prefer to use built-in options like torrent categorization, or relocating all torrents upon completion.

Edit:B appears to be irrelevant as your method achieves the same end, and is confirmed to work (by you).
If I pause the torrent.  Delete the .!qB file the Set Location created, and rename the good file with the added extension of .!qB then Recheck, everything is good.  But this is a lot of messing around.

Windows / Re: All Downloads are Stalled, what is causing this?
« on: January 05, 2019, 03:17:33 AM »
If you're on a vpn, try resetting your connection, and if necessary, your modem/router.
Make sure you didn't fiddle with allowed connections limits. Or setting upload speed to 1kbps. In other words, try deleting the settings file and seeing if it helps.
Make sure it's not firewalled.

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