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Suggestions / Automatically Update Daily Trackers List
« on: September 02, 2019, 12:48:48 am »
There is an excellently maintained list of BT trackers that are automatically checked and updated daily. They are hosted on Github and come in a few different options.  Here is the main page for it:

There's a list of all trackers, HTTP trackers, IP, UDP, WS (which qB doesn't support, I assume) and then a list called "best" which is the one I use.  The best list has approximately 20 trackers and is updated very frequently. I simply copy this list into Notepad++, remove the blank spaces in between the list, and then manually paste it into the section under qBitorrent, Options, Bittorrent, Automatically add these trackers to new downloads.

This is the best list: (click on Raw to access it in plain text).

There is also a blacklist of apparently bad trackers, which isn't explained why they are bad.

Finally, here is the readme for the info on how the trackers are updated and sorted:

I would love to see the ability for qB to automatically download the best list and import it into the "Automatically add these trackers to new downloads" section.  Or alternately, a user could choose which list they wanted to import.

I hope the devs will consider this suggestion.  Thanks and keep up the great work on qB!

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