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Cafe lounge / Re: qBittorrent is under a new maintainer.
« on: June 24, 2013, 08:00:28 PM »
I would suggest to announce this on the qbittorrent-devel and qbittorrent-translations mailing lists as well

Windows / Re: UPnP port 4433
« on: January 16, 2013, 06:12:43 PM »
qBittorrent v3.0.7 will no longer listen on port 4433. I have disabled it for now since we do not technically support SSL torrents at this point.

Windows / Re: 3.0.0 does not identify itself (unknown) on private trackers
« on: September 01, 2012, 03:23:26 PM »
This merely means that those trackers do not recognise qBittorrent's peer ID. qBittorrent announces itself just fine.

Here is qBittorrent's peer ID (if you want to contact the trackers' admins):

Windows / Re: qBittorrent 2.9.11 and 3.0.0rc1 installer - msvc2010
« on: July 02, 2012, 07:44:22 PM »
I've tested qbt v3.0.0rc1 for a few mins now and I am wondering if these things only happen on XP...

1. Clicking the column tabs doesn't sort the columns in the "new torrent addition dialog".
2. There is highlighting on the left panel now, but it disappears after you click on the torrent list.
3. The folder handling seems to be the same as before. The root folder still doesn't append to the save path; therefore, the "open destination folder" still opens the orginal save path(not going into the root folder like before libtorrent 0.16.0)? I also suspect this is the reason why the .unwanted folder isn't created and the unwanted files stays in the main folder.

1 and 3 should be fixed in rc2. The second item is Windows specific so I cannot help. Someone with Windows should look into it.

... It's again when minimized to system tray - then with single click it maximize the window, but in the background of other windows. Close to tray and maximize with single click works fine - bring the qB window on top.
Win 7.

Same here on XP, the "bring to front" doesn't seem to work if other windows took the focus. It only stays on top when it was on top.

Ok, I believe I have fixed the bring-to-front problem too.

I see.

Regarding the buttons, the lack of spacing does look weird on Windows XP so I'll add a bit of spacing. FYI, the buttons used to be styled with CSS but now I'm using the default buttons style. For sure, it looks uglier on WinXP but it looks much better (or at least more consistent) on other systems.

For the left panel, I did not realize from the screenshot the lack of selection highlighting. I haven't done anything special for the highlighting so this appears to be a styling issue with WinXP style. I'll see what I can do about this.

I have fixed the availability bug on the development server so next release will be alright.

Regarding the UI "issues":
- The left panel is supposed to be transparent (no white background). It seems to look on XP, the same way as it looks on Mac and Linux (so OK in my opinion). It's white on Win7 for some reason, I'm not sure why but either way, I don't see it as a big deal
- The buttons on XP have no space between them it seems, is this the only problem?

@sledgehammer_999, thanks a lot.
It works fine, but... if it's minimized or closed to the notification area, the main window can't be raised again from the icon in the notification area. Only taskbar icon works for maximize the main window.
Win 7 Pro SP1 32-bit.

Damn, my bad, I changed this part of the code and could only test on Mac and Linux...
We really need proper Windows testing (via forums for e.g.) before uploading to Sourceforge.

Windows / qBittorrent v2.9.10
« on: June 24, 2012, 06:48:22 PM »

qBittorrent v2.0.10 was recently released but the latest Windows build is v2.9.7. Is there someone who could build v2.9.10 with up-to-date versions of:
- libtorrent (v0.16.1)
- Qt (4.8.1)
- Boost (1.49.0)
- MSVC 2008 or 2010

Thanks in advance :)

MAC / qBittorrent v2.9.10 for testing
« on: June 24, 2012, 04:51:49 PM »

Could someone with Mac OS X Lion test the following DMG for qBittorrent v2.9.10 before I release it as stable on SourceForge?
I'm not 100% sure it will work because it was compiled on Mountain Lion DP4.

Thanks in advance  :)

Windows / Re: qBittorrent project needs help on Windows front
« on: May 26, 2012, 03:39:10 PM »
And Microsoft is not helping Open Source developers on their platform: :(

Windows / Re: qBittorrent project needs help on Windows front
« on: May 22, 2012, 08:16:44 PM »
- [INSTALLER] - I don't think we should open a port. Maybe add an option like uTorrent, but definitely no default add. But again: It will ask whether you want to add it as an exception, or block it. If you run it first time and there is no rules set to the app, Windows will ask.

Of course, it should ask. The installer should do nothing without asking the user first.

- [CORE]         - 64 bit builds are not needed. That is still somewhat "futuristic" on Windows. We only have some 64-bit browsers, but none of them are officially supported or have a major market share. As qBittorent won't do extensive CPU work, we don't need them. Of course, people got slower machines too, but there you use XP, or a 32-bit Windows. Not 64-bit, since it requires more space, more memory. While the userland will be still mostly 32-bit geared. Doesn't worth it.

Is it really futuristic on Windows? All CPUs are 64bits nowadays and running a 32bit OS on top of them is just a waste. For people actually living in our century, running a 64bit qBittorrent on a 64bit Windows actually makes a lot of sense for performance and functionality. Forcing people that have a 64bit OS to run a 32bit qBittorrent does not make any sense.

- [CORE/WIN]  - Encode: Even uTorrent fails to name the folders correctly. I don't know what could we do with that. But it's pretty sure Windows supports those languages.

qBittorrent usually handles that pretty well nowadays but there are still bugs here and there, either in qBittorrent or libtorrent. I know for example that you cannot create a torrent that contains a file with arabic in its name. This issue only impacts Windows.

- [CORE/WIN]  - Slashes: It may be a naming thing in Qt, I'll look into that.

Yes, Qt uses slashes for separators internally I believe. In most places, I convert the slashes to backslashes before displaying the paths but it is likely I forgot it in several places.

- [CORE/WIN]  - Python: I think we should use ONE python on Windows, like ActiveState. Then promote that, detect it. Maybe an optional installer option: "Download and install ActiveState Python".
I'm not sure there is any benefit for us to use ActiveState Python compared to the regular Windows installer from

If someone as any trouble compiling qBittorrent on Windows, please notify me. As I said, I have no idea if the GIT master branch is compiling on Windows or not. The code has changed a lot and I have no easy way to test.

Windows / qBittorrent project needs help on Windows front
« on: May 20, 2012, 08:22:55 PM »

qBittorrent was downloaded 145 000 times last month on Sourceforge and almost 80 percent of those downloads are for Windows. I keep gettings emails from users moving away from uTorrent and looking towards qBittorrent as an alternative. This is really encouraging!

There is however a serious lack of Windows developers in the project. SledgeHammer who is our only Windows developer has been idle for quite some time due to personal reasons. Mkdib is nice enough to package new builds of qBittorrent for Windows but he does not have time to do more (testing, fixing bugs or adding features). I personally don't even have a machine running Windows and I'm already taking care of Linux and Mac OS X platforms.

qBittorrent is a truly Open Source project, and as such, anyone can and should contribute to it. I'm therefore reaching out to the community asking for more people to contribute, especially on Windows platform. ANY help would be welcome and I will do my best to bring the newcomers up to speed so that they can become productive in a timely fashion. If WE don't do anything about the situation, qBittorrent will become less stable on Windows or worse, it will no longer be compatible.

Here is all you need to know to contribute code:
  • The GIT repository is located at, it is hosted on github which has a nice way for making pull requests and review patches.
  • The documentation to help people build qBittorrent on Windows is there.
  • The bug tracker has a lot of open tickets, a lot of those for Windows and is located at
  • I'm easily reachable by email if anyone needs help getting started and I promise to review patches promptly.

If you cannot contribute code, any help to make qBittorrent more stable on Windows is welcome. Finding bugs on Windows is of course useful. Providing me with debug backtraces in case of crashes or pointing me in the right direction in the code would be even better. Being able to test bug fixes would also be appreciated.

I am aware of the following issues on Windows that need addressing:
  • There is no way to provide a useful bug report on Windows in case of a crash. A lot of programs on Windows show a dialog asking the user if they want to report the crash and the tool will file a bug report by itself and attach the code dumps / backtrace to it. Without a way of getting at least the backache, it is extremely difficult to debug crashers.
  • The search angine gets easily broken on Windows, probably due to issues with installs of Python and problems detecting python executable and its location.
  • There are still encoding issues when using international languages such as Chinese and Arabic.
  • It is likely that paths are sometimes displayed using slashes as separators instead of backslashes.
  • The installer should open the ports on the firewall (I don't think it does currently).
  • We do not have 64bit builds.

There are probably many other things you can find or think of. I really hope you guys can help make a better experience for qBittorrent users on Windows.

Windows / Re: qBittorrent 2.9.8 installer - Built with MSVC 2010
« on: May 20, 2012, 07:38:06 PM »
qBittorrent v2.9.8 only brings compilation fixes and some minimal UI fixes so the new problems are unrelated to it. If something is wrong with this build (and many users seem to agree on this), then it is likely to be either a packaging/building issue or a buggy snapshot of libtorrent v0.16. I hope mkdib can figure this out. Also it would be nice to update Qt and boost since the versions used start to be really outdated.

MAC / Re: qBittorrent v2.9.7 for OS X
« on: March 22, 2012, 04:23:16 PM »
Thanks for the testing. Now I'm able to make Mac OS X builds and therefore, there shouldn't be that much delay for Mac builds any more.

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