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Windows / Using QBittorent with PIA (Private Internet Access)
« on: March 02, 2019, 12:49:55 AM »
So for a while, I was using Soft Ether VPN Gate Servers to Torrent on QBittorent. I finally caved the other day and purchased PIA. It took a while, but I finally got QBittorent to work with it after reinstalling it. When downloading on QBittorent, I'm usually getting speeds from 500 Kib/s to about 1000 Kib/s to 1.1 Mib/S. Is there settings I should change on QBittorent to get the best possible speeds. I still have a ton to learn about torrenting so maybe those are the realistic speeds I should be getting, but I just wanted to make sure I was doing everything right. And as for who my ISP is, I have Xfinity with a 150 Mbps package. Thanks for any help! My speeds I got from doing a speed test on a wired and wireless connection without my VPN on are below. I used (I take it my torrent download speeds will be quicker on a wired connection?). Thank you for any input you are able to provide!


- 15 ms Ping

- 91669 Kbps Download Speed

- 5502 Kbps Upload Speed


-19 Ms Ping

- 36273 Kbps Download Speed

- 5643 Kbps Upload Speed

I am on QBittorent version 4.1.5 and on Windows 10.

Edit: Downloading a Torrent of Ubuntu I was able to get speeds of up to 2.2 MiB/s. Given what I got from my speed test, I still don't feel I am getting close to what I should be.

Another Edit: I decided to download a torrent of Ubuntu with my VPN off. I got speeds up to about 5.5 MiB/s on the file.

Windows / Connection Status: No Direct Connection
« on: July 21, 2017, 10:04:14 PM »
What do I do to get rid of this message. I redownloaded QBittorent and I am using SoftEther VPN. The message Connection Status: No Direct Connection shows up. How do I solve this. Also, I have solved this in the past and I don't remember what to do.

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