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Windows / Re: Torrents Not D/L, stuck at "Dowloading Metadata"
« Last post by eskimo68 on Today at 03:24:39 pm »
Just verifying this fixed it for me (version 3.3.10 though :) .

Can well go a year between torrenting (doing it since the dawn of time though) and every damn time whatever worked last never works out of the box. You always spend an hour (or a few days) switching torrent clients, checking VPN settings, ports, firewalls, avast etc. Well, this comment made it just one hour this time, tyvm.

And figured out why my PC slowed down to a crawl as well, qbittorrent has the darned Hydralib that dumped 4G of permissioncopy folders into my temp directory. Well, maybe I should upgrade but newer versions just have too many bug reports.

Sorry about the rant :D

(ggggngh, click 50+ times recaptcha in use here as well - aaaaaargh)
Cafe lounge / qBittorrent Discord server
« Last post by Fanniebaisk on Today at 03:12:29 pm »
Well I voted for mirc-x that one always has been stable for me, Aniverse has to much beef for me. The HKM server I almost never use, so i wouldnt know.

XRumer 16.0 + XEvil 4.0: NEW a legjobb program megoldása minden CAPTCHA, beleértve a Google ReCaptcha-2
Windows / Search is broken in 4.17 - can't click on results
« Last post by farmwald on Today at 03:22:17 am »
After updating to 4.1.7, I can't click on any search results. Double-clicking an entry or selecting and hitting "Download" does nothing.
I can select and hit "Go to Description Page" which works.
This worked fine with 4.1.6 and earlier.
Windows / How much upload
« Last post by ramone on August 16, 2019, 01:34:31 pm »
Is there a way cheking how much the different torrents have uploaded the last hour, last day, last week etc?

Introductions / Hello
« Last post by ramone on August 16, 2019, 01:21:12 pm »
Been using qb a while, but have some questions so here I am  :)
Windows / Re: Identifying files in directory that are NOT being seeded
« Last post by MountainInside on August 16, 2019, 08:04:24 am »
I would backup qBittorrent data files and the 3TB folder to different drive first, delete all the files from qB and then I'll be left out with folders that aren't used by qB, now I can compare with the backed up 3TB folder and delete the files from the backup folder, finally I'll restore the original qB data files and folder to their original locations.
MAC / Re: How to migrate from uTorrent to qBittorent on iMac?
« Last post by MountainInside on August 16, 2019, 07:59:41 am »
I had some issues when I migrated to qB (MacMini 2018, 3.2 i7/64GB), like slowness and hanging, but everything seems fine now, in fact it's faster than uTorrent, I think it's normal when moving a lot of files from different client to get errors and bugs at the beginning

I was loyal to uTorrent since 2007, the MacOS version was great, but the lack of updates and support pushed me to look for a different torrent client, I tried several clients, and like you said Transmission preformed good, but it lacks many features and the web gui is not enough.

What kind of issues you're facing? maybe we can work together to fix them

Edit: fixed a word
MAC / Re: How to migrate from uTorrent to qBittorent on iMac?
« Last post by Fuga on August 16, 2019, 03:42:44 am »
While nowhere near as bad as Deluge (useless with more than a few hundred, even the new v2), my 2100+ slow qBittorrent down. When I had decided to give up on uTorrent in anticipation of it's obsolescence I tried several clients. Only Transmission could keep up with uTorrent. qBittorrent came close but there were just too many times it was slow to respond. Tried on a 2.9 GHz i7/16 GB RAM and a 2.5 GHz i5/16 GB RAM.

Even with the uTorrent folks coming through I would just as soon not use it. Guess I might try qBittorrent again. Never did like Transmission.
Windows / Re: Identifying files in directory that are NOT being seeded
« Last post by kingqueen on August 15, 2019, 11:29:40 pm »
I like that lateral thinking, thank you!
Actually I think that may be doable. The move, anyway. Particularly as if moving within a disk, it doesn't actually thrash the disk.
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