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Linux / Python script to clear completed downloads
« Last post by jeremysherriff on June 15, 2019, 10:48:38 am »
Not strictly linux, but python is more common here I guess.
Complete script in first comment below in case repo gets moved/closed.

Code: [Select] [option]
  Clears "Completed" status torrents from qBitTorrent
  Connects to "localhost:8080" without credentials
  Logs output to /var/log/clear_qbt_complete.log
  By default logs nothing to stdout/stderr to allow use in cron

    -v --verbose : to enable console logging in addition to logfile
    -t --test    : for test mode (no delete) - implies -v

Edit: This script trigger the "also delete files on the hard disk" option, in case that was not clear.
That's what makes this different from simply setting the action on reaching seeding limit to "remove".
Linux / placing files in different folders
« Last post by greybeard on June 15, 2019, 01:04:35 am »
Hi have QB installed as an application on a Qnap NAS and it works great. I'm also using Radarr and Sonarr to download tv shows and movies. I have tv shows and movies stored in different folders on the Qnap so that my Plex server can parse them into different queues.
Is there a way to direct all movies send from Radarr to a specific folder from QB and tv shows from Sonarr into a different folder?

I have Radarr set with the tag "radarr" and Sonar tagged with "tv-sonarr". Any help is very much appreciated.
Windows / Downloads Stalled
« Last post by hanginarnd on June 14, 2019, 02:55:36 pm »
I have an issue that has a workaround but it's pretty ugly. Running Win 10 with 4.1.6 client a btguard proxy.

Whenever I DL a torrent it sometimes download metadata, sometimes not but always shows stalled until I do the following:
  • Close qBittorrent
  • Go to task manager and end the process
  • Open qBittorrent

I have noticed that if "Create subfolder" is unchecked it tends to DL fine however that creates quite a mess in the DL folder

2 Things I would like to accomplish are
  • DL's to start normally
  • Not have to end the qBittorrent process every time I close it

Any help in diagnosing is appreciated
Tinkering further it even shutsdown/exits without even a torrent being there downloaded.

That happens when I tinker with no torrent being processed but I go to the plugins (press the update plugins button after I opened the plugin dialogue box for example).

So it seems like the fundamental issue is related to plugins so far as I can tell but I can't be sure of that.
What on earth is going on? Never before have I experienced such a terrible thing with Qbittorrent until today. The entire program simply shutdown/exited itself when I turned it on (it had an unfinished torrent that had been up from past days). I had to disable network and find out what was preventing it. Turned out I got a message there is a new "Jackett" plugin that had been installed by default and supposedly displaying a connection error. So I disabled network connection, turned on QBitTorrent and disabled the plugin and then turned on the network. Yet it still got shutdown as soon as I reloaded the torrent even tho this time I had disabled the supposed cause of error ("Jackett" plugin.

Just to make sure I reinstalled the entire qbittorrent program and tried again... to no avail. So it doesn't seem like I solved much of anything.  Never before had any torrent or plugin or setting or anything else been able to trigger an immediate and total shutdown/exit of qbittorrent as soon as a loaded (and not paused) torrent simply connects to the net. And I've been using the application for over 5 years.

 Is it possible for something else perhaps an antivirus to shut QB down but only if it connects to the net? (normally I get a message from the antivirus if  it shuts or quaranteens programs. This time there is no message whatsoever from antivirus or firewall, so it seems like Q is shutting itself down.
Linux / Re: Email Notifications
« Last post by xmdp on June 14, 2019, 03:20:17 am »
To use gmail's SMTP server you will required to supply an App Password.  You can genertate one here:
I've turned off the windows firewalls and the problem hasn't returned yet although I still have the orange upload arrow. If the problem returns I'll try the linux distro and report back.
Windows / Re: How to associate magnet links with Windows 10
« Last post by mike20021969 on June 13, 2019, 12:21:01 pm »
What is the reccomended amount of decibels?
140dB normally does the trick. So it didn't work, huh? That's a pain.
Until you get a solution, here's a workaround...
Right-click>Copy (on a magnet link).
Click qBittorrent's Add Torrent Link Icon.
Then right-click>Paste (it into the dialog box).
Click Download.
Windows / Re: How to associate magnet links with Windows 10
« Last post by magnetlinks on June 13, 2019, 09:57:52 am »
What is the reccomended amount of decibels?
Suggestions / Issues
« Last post by hoax on June 13, 2019, 08:41:58 am »

I have been testing out qbittorrent for some time now, needing a replacement for utorrent. There are some huge issues for me and I hope that they can be fixed in the future as I think others might have a problem with these also. There are mainly things that happens between launches of the program and makes it very hard to organize my torrents.
- Torrents get missing from the program. I need to get to reload them from disk to continue downloading/seeding them.
- Reordering of the index of torrents. Whenever I restart my torrent list is reordered in a random order.
- Added on date is replaced with last load time on several occasions. Last time I ran qbittorrent about 10% of my torrents added on date were replaced.

I experienced total wipe out of torrent list, tags, ..., but I think that was due to low disk space. It would be nice if qbittorrent didn't overwrite last session info but wrote a new file so it could reuse last session if something went wrong during current session.
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