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Linux / Re: Recent version for CentOS
« Last post by Peter on Today at 10:13:34 AM »
You probably have permission issues. I am like 99% sure.
Check the console output+logs.

Ps.: We can't exactly help with a niche OS + your own compiled version...

Suggestions / Re: remove googles spyware recaptcha from this site
« Last post by Peter on Today at 10:08:44 AM »
If you write a new captcha engine and bundle it in an SMF plugin, we'll happily switch to that!
Donations for a full vBulletin or IPB license are also welcome. But wait, those are closed source. Dang. Uh.... we'll switch to pen+paper.

Ps.: Since the start of our forum, the most requested thing was to remove the registration captcha, as people couldn't fill it out. In fact, we lost so many registrations due to the fact people couldn't read the text. I mean I know I would just try over and over again, and get through within a minute. But apparently, people are not like that (not everyone is a techie).
Suggestions / Re: Can't read (and generally hate) captchas
« Last post by Peter on Today at 10:07:22 AM »
Old topic but reply is: It's only required for the registration + first few posts.
Even like this we get plenty of spam traffic. :(
Suggestions / Re: Separate queue for downloading torrents
« Last post by Peter on Today at 10:06:42 AM »
Not sure what's the problem here.
- active down: 20
- active up: 999
- max active: 999

thus, all my torrents seed, and only 20 are actively in download.

Suggestions / Re: Dark Theme
« Last post by Peter on Today at 10:05:43 AM »
@Conscious_Fold i can guarantee you that is not the case. as stated i'm running the plata theme (plata-noir) to be specific and qbittorrent is not theming when it should. plata does theme everything else on the system. on a side note i'm running mint 19.1 64 bit, kernel 5.0.5.

It depends on the Qt css/theme/engine, not KDE theme.
Generic / Re: Sawtooth shaped download speed.
« Last post by Peter on Today at 10:05:03 AM »

You sure that your HDD/storage/CPU/router can keep up?
I realize that the shown speeds ain't much, but if you do anything in the background...

My qBittorrent downloads with 130MB/s+ speeds constant. But, there is proper storage behind that, and a fast enough CPU.
Generic / Re: Re-seeding on fresh computer, many files on multiple drives
« Last post by Peter on Today at 10:03:22 AM »
LOL this task seems incredibly complex.

One solution I can think of....
- Create a new folder on ANY drive. Call it whatever. Example: "C:\a\"
- Junction ALL your torrent folders here.
- Make this your default qBittorrent folder.
- Add the torrents into qBittorrent.
- Done.
Generic / Re: Connections limits
« Last post by Peter on Today at 10:01:20 AM »
SSD life expectancy is a meme.

I mean.
IF you buy a NEW SSD, with bad TLC NAND (read, the cheapest of the cheapest SSD)... then yea, you should worry. Hell, it will die from normal use.
A regular, like Samsung TLC? It has enough write cycles to support your torrenting habits for years to come.
MLC? Any brand? Your grandchildren will download on your SSDs.

I bought 2pcs of El Cheapo Kingston MLC SSDs during a huge discount. Had them in RAID0, without TRIM.
Used them for YEARS. Like 5 years. Result? Bit of a slow down. What did I do? Dismount array, run trim.
Result? 100% factory speeds. They have been without RAID for 3 or so years again now... but, in daily use. For torrent, for development, virtualization, games, everything you can think of.

99% life left. NINETY NINE.
SSD. Will. Outlive. You. *

* Unless you bought some junk from the 2000s that has a buggy firmware, and you never took a minute to update the firmware.
Or you bought a junk TLC in 2019.
Windows / Re: Invalid Torrent Error When Adding Torrent By Link
« Last post by Peter on Today at 09:52:34 AM »
Agreed, seems like a corrupted torrent file...
Generic / Re: Connections limits
« Last post by Switeck on Today at 08:55:50 AM »
The SSD write amplification issue needs to be taken seriously, even if more modern SSDs can handle far more abuse than older ones can.
Larger SSDs can spread the pain around more and suffer less, at least as long as they're not nearly full.

While not directly about write amplification, file fragmentation is directly related:
"qBitorrent horribly fragmenting my drive."
"It's an 8TB drive, and after downloading ~2TB in torrents, I had almost 3 million fragments. I'm in the process of defragging the drive right now but it is taking absolutely forever (multiple days), with read/write speeds around 15-20MB/s."
"I only had maybe 50 files, and almost 3 million fragments. Really slows down read speeds."

While that was on a HDD, even SSDs will experience similar fragmentation which vastly increases write amplification.
So at its worst on a smaller+nearly full SSD, downloading 10 GB of torrents might cause 1 TB of writes on that SSD. (1:100 write amplification)
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