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Generic / Re: Difference between upload slot and connections?
« Last post by Switeck on June 20, 2018, 07:50:52 PM »
Currently, due to limitations+bugs the "fastest" or at least most stable DL+UL speeds can be had using qBitTorrent v3.3.16 instead of v4.0.0-4.1.1
I expect that will change before the end of the year as bugs get fixed.
Windows / Re: Erratic download behavior.
« Last post by Switeck on June 20, 2018, 07:48:37 PM »
You should look up how to port forward the port qBitTorrent is listening on (its incoming port) on your Linksys router.
The port needs to be forwarded to your computer's LAN ip -- usually either something in the 192.168.x.x range or 10.0.0.x range.

Download/Upload ratio is less important than downloading faster -- you may have to expend a LOT more upload to download a little faster on poorly-seeded public torrents than private tracker torrents OR super-massively-overseeded-on-fastest-connections-known-to-man Linux distros.

Also, greatly decreasing the number of upload slots...did you mean globally or per torrent? (Globally would only matter if you had other torrents "sucking up" both your global upload slots AND some/most of your upload speed.)
If the slower torrent had 30 seeds and 50 peers connected (for 80 total), then uploading to 35 peers is most of those peers. Your upload slot reduction "let" qBitTorrent only upload to the "x" number of peers that most rewarded it with extra download speed in return.

You may also have been uploading too close to max limits for the line while downloading, which due to download-induced overheads not all being able to get through quickly causes overloads that drastically reduces download speed.

There is a rough balance to be found in speed limits, max connections, and upload slots -- and as you've already noticed, it's even torrent dependent! settings have to be changed some to match changing conditions.

Poor qBitTorrent settings combinations (or any BT client for that matter) can still "run great" on torrents with lots of fast seeds and few peers, like at many private trackers.
It's easier to get good settings combinations the faster the connection is, as long as it's accepted that maxing out the connection is decreasingly likely the faster the connection -- since what peers+seeds are fast enough to "fill" it? :)
Generic / Re: Difference between upload slot and connections?
« Last post by nickhudson on June 20, 2018, 01:45:54 PM »
Oh, now I understand the difference. Thanks!  :)
Introductions / Hi!
« Last post by nickhudson on June 20, 2018, 01:41:51 PM »
Hi I'm Nick from California. I recently installed qbitorrent but struggling with the GUI because I moved from uTorrent application. I hope I get used to it quick :)
Windows / Re: Erratic download behavior.
« Last post by Kay on June 20, 2018, 12:22:30 PM »
Thanks again!
First of all, I removed the current version of qBittorrent, replaced it with v3.13.16 and tweaked the settings as per your suggestions i.e. Glbl max no. of upload slots:70 and Max no. of upload slots/torrent:35.
Using 'ubuntu-16.04.4-desktop-amd64.iso' the downloading process was fast, very steady and the wandering download speed had virtually disappeared, a welcome improvement indeed!

However, when downloading torrent The.100.S05E07.Acceptable.Losses.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-CasStudio[rarbg] (4.51GiB) the download/upload ratio was completely out of sync i.e. the upload speed exceeded by far the download speed; To remedy this I greatly reduced the numbers in the upload slots thus improving the download/upload ratio of the torrent - this worked out very satisfactory.

The calculation you provided for the number of upload slots for the well-seeded Ubuntu torrent was spot-on!
What other considerations should I take into account for 'not-so-well' seeded torrents and which upload slots in particular require attention? And how can all this applied when downloading multiple variable seeded torrents?

Concerning the Port/Protocol issue:
Since the older version of qBittorrent has improved the torrent downloading process/speed I am now unsure which way to go.

Should I leave things as they are i.e.
'Port for incoming connection' not showing in 'CanYouSeeMe' and;
leave 'UPnP / NAT -PMP port' unchecked in qBittorrent;
and disable 'UPnP' in 'Linksys Router'; Or 
should I embark into 'Port Forwarding?
Generic / Newbie Question About Torrents
« Last post by trymeout on June 20, 2018, 03:33:53 AM »
I have been trying to find an efficient and easy way to share files between my friends. I do not want t use a cloud storage since I have to upload it and pay for storage. Now I am considering torrenting. I have never used a torrent but I do understand the basics on how it works which is p2p file sharing. My questions on torrenting by using torrent clients like qBittorrent & LibreTorrent on Andriod are...

1. Could I share a file to my friends only and not have it be global? If I made a link to a file of mine and sent it to a friend and they downloaded the file but DO NOT SHARE THE LINK would anyone else be able to download that file?

2. Could I set a password to a file link that needs to be entered before you can download

3. Can you encrypt the traffic of downloading the file so you don't need a VPN. Kinda like how WhatsApp messages use end-to-end encryption.

4. By sharing a link will this use my bandwith weather it is my WiFi or mobile Data?
Windows / Re: Erratic download behavior.
« Last post by Switeck on June 20, 2018, 01:57:18 AM »
If UPnP is disabled in the router or UPnP is disabled in qBitTorrent, then you'll need to port forward the router to qBitTorrent's listening port, which seems to be 51375 in your example.
That's why you get 'No Direct Connections' when selecting TCP only for the protocol.

The State of TCP is LISTENING, because it's waiting for incoming connections on that port.
Those incoming connections would be what's ESTABLISHED...but that won't happen if your router isn't port forwarded to allow that to happen.
Windows / Re: Erratic download behavior.
« Last post by Kay on June 20, 2018, 01:05:26 AM »
Thanks for instructive response and information on improving some of the settings; I'll be guided accordingly.

I was worried about 'security issues' that may have been discovered in an older version of qB but am putting this concern aside for the time being and re-install v3.13.16.

May I test your patience once more and please comment on the other issues raised in my original post viz:-

. Enabled protocol: TCP and uTP (choosing TCP only will render the 'Connection Status' as 'No Direct Connections'.
What is the determinative factor for selecting the correct Protocol?

.Port 51375 (for incoming connections). During the download process, acccording to "netstat -a" under Active Connections, the State of TCP is LISTENING.
Shouldn't this port show ESTABLISHED?
Also, during downloading process I tested numerous other ports with 'CanYouSeeMe' but they all refused/failed to connect.
Shouldn't the ports be connected?

. In my Linksys router, the UPnP Media Server is DISABLED and under Advanced features UPnP is DISABLED also.
Do the UPnP settings in my Router have a effect using qBittorrent?

Thanks in advance for considering my queries, I am not a very technical person and really appreciate your advise.
Windows / Re: Weird issue with Queuing
« Last post by Switeck on June 19, 2018, 10:26:50 PM »
Queuing is screwed up, it can count stalled torrents even missing/invisible torrents not shown in the GUI.
Bugs known, being looked into...but programmers having trouble reproducing the issues on demand to hunt down the root cause/s.

I've had to disable queuing ...though setting max active torrent really high may be an ok workaround.
Windows / Re: Erratic download behavior.
« Last post by Switeck on June 19, 2018, 10:10:03 PM »
You're not the only one...definitely some speed issues with qBitTorrent, both in terms of slowness and erratic as well.

One of the best picture examples of the erratic-ness is here:

Going back to qBitTorrent v3.13.16 makes for a temporary workaround until the programmers get this solved, which I hope is soon!

Beyond that, some of your settings may be causing slowdowns.
Try lowering Upload speed max to only 700-800 KiloBYTES/second in qBT. You're probably slamming against max due to downloading overheads, so the lower upload max may be needed while downloading to keep both download and upload speeds more stable.

Increase the upload slots, especially globally.
Uploading to only 7 peers across every torrent doesn't encourage very many to upload back to you, especially when you may have 40+ peer connections on the same torrents.
Give each upload slot about 10-20 KiloBYTES/second -- so with an upload speed of 700 KiloBYTES/second, that works out to be 70-35 global max upload slots, with maybe no more than half those numbers allowed for individual torrents. (So 35-16 max upload slots per torrent)

If the torrents you're on have lots of peers and you're not uploading close to max even when your download speed is really low (like <100 KiloBYTES/second) better be because you don't have any parts of the torrent they want, or it means your ISP or their transit providers are crippling your speeds. Sadly, forcing encryption only in qBT may help little-to-none in that case. :(
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