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Windows / No download, no upload
« Last post by kriska on May 18, 2019, 06:23:36 PM »
I have a lot of trouble making Qbitorrent work.
One day it works well, the next day everything goes on hold ???
I watched, read tutorials but nothing explains the problem I have.
thank you for helping me

Windows 7
Advanced Options > Network Interface > Select the VPN interface and restart.

Qbittorrent will now only connect through that interface. If the VPN goes down, then Qbittorrent will drop all connections.
Well, I suppose it would be pointless to suggest that you not download things that will cause DMCA warnings...

I don't think qbittorrent (or any torrent program, for that matter) has the ability to detect a VPN failure and shut down.  I'm no expert though, so there could be a way I don't know of.
Comcast is going to cut me loose if this keeps happening too much.  I had it on all day too (Private Internet Access) and it disconnected after about 8 hrs.  Probably normal to drop a connection but how can I stop qBit from resuming downloads then I get in trouble with Comcast??
Suggestions / Re: Add functional pls
« Last post by Nemo on May 17, 2019, 04:51:13 PM »
Im wondering just why?

Few seconds/minutes work to set everything like you want before starting any application.
MAC / Re: "IP Filtering" autoupdate
« Last post by Silizium on May 17, 2019, 06:11:01 AM »
Solved. Thanks for the quick help in this thread.
Windows / Can't Download Magnet links with Chrome
« Last post by sparks79 on May 16, 2019, 09:29:20 PM »
I am using Qbitt 4.1.6 and when I Click on a Magnet to Download it with Qbitt, I get this Message, Client Failure, sorry no Magnet Link adding Support from Vuze Swing UI, try the vuze remote plugin , google chrome.
I have to Manually Click and Drag the Magnet over to Qbitt.
Any suggestions  please
Windows / Re: Need elaboration on advanced settings & missing wiki explanations.
« Last post by fusk on May 16, 2019, 09:28:27 PM »
"Send buffer watermark"

In my testing of that and similar low water mark one, raising the low water mark one helped the most...but at high speeds (>100 mbit/sec) I needed to raise the max too to maximize speeds.
Definitely needs some testing trials to find sweet spot, but I doubt raising them over 1 megabyte is advisable -- in the event of 100+ connections, each connection's buffer could be that 1+ MB size assuming high enough speeds. By the nature of the wording, send buffer implies UPLOAD sending buffer only! This is above-and-beyond qBitTorrent's general cache size.

What about the calculations of "Send buffer watermark factor"
"The current upload rate to a peer is multiplied by this factor to get the send buffer watermark. This product is clamped to the "Send buffer watermark" setting so as to not exceed the max."

As i understand that, it's a way to find what the "send buffer watermark" value should be. Ie: 150*1*100=15000. To prevent "so as to not exceed the max."
Posted the settings i use below.

"Send upload piece suggestions"
no longer seems bugged, I'm not sure it ever may have been another speed bug making that look like the cause when I was testing it. :P
Ah, i was referring to your testing but didn't want to name names. Saw no mention of it on github as verified/fixed, so i have left it off until i knew for sure.

"If none of that, then what does unchoke mean?"
unchoke = telling the connected peer that it is allowed to start downloading NOW as opposed to choked = connection stops upload. choke/unchoke is on a per-peer basis -- unchoke corresponds to 1 upload slot, possibly even the "optimistic unchoke" one meant to give new peers with 0% complete something. (Even that one counts against the total upload slot limits.)

So this is better suited for slower connections, and not so much for high speed that are running higher amount of fixed slots and don't want slots to be choked. Using fixed & fastest with plenty of slots makes the unchoke algorithm not do much?

I already have "Download tracker's favicon" & "Resolve peer host names" off. But i'll turn "Always announce to all tiers" on because one of the private trackers i use has multiple trackers.

Present settings.
Active protocols = TCP
Upnp, random port, DHT, pex & local: Off
Global max connections: 999, per torrent: 150, global max upload slots: 999, per torrent upload slots: 150.
Rate limit utp = On
Rate limit overhead = Off
Require encryption.
Asynchronous I/O threads: 4
Disk cache: -1
Disk cache expiry interval: 600
Enable OS cache: No
Guided read cache: Yes
Coalesce reads & writes: Yes
Send buffer watermark: 10000
Send buffer low watermark: 240
Send buffer watermark factor: 150
Maximum number of half-open connections: 10
µTP-TCP mixed mode algorithm: Prefer TCP
Upload slots behavior: Fixed
Upload choking algorithm: Fastest

Send upload piece suggestions: Now on.
Always announce to all tiers: Now on.
Sure, you can take a look at Merlin's website, see if your model is supported, and thus have an alternative to leave doubts.

As for the firmware, you can always go back to the original Asus again. Regards!
I haven't tried. Not sure if loading 3rd party firmware on it is the best idea for its warranty.

But I might have too if this problem becomes more of a problem.
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