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If none of this helped, reinstall qBT 4.0.3 (or even 3.3.16 if 4.0.3 didn't help) instead of 4.0.4.
Seems there's been a few reports of qBT 4.0.4 breaking/failing for some people.
Windows / Re: moved to nas can't set location for existing completed files
« Last post by there on March 09, 2018, 09:23:27 am »
I then manually use set location to move them to their final location, e. g.  "A Book" by Author A goes from  the torrent complete directory to \Books\Author A. 

Recently Most of my downloads were in directories with long names and the file names were very descriptive too. More than a total of 256 and you will have problems, they will get to 100% completion, and if the torrent rechecks, wont recognize the name and it rolls the torrent back.

Also seen \\nas\t....
  and thoughr does that work?  but I dont habe a nas but do know x:\t... works
Windows / Re: All downloads Errored when saving to internal storage drive
« Last post by there on March 09, 2018, 09:12:16 am »
In Advanced Options, "Network Interface" is set to "Any interface.

I you a VPN and if I select  "Network Interface" is set to "Any interface" and the one below to "All Addresses" I get 0 throughput.

Under Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Network Connections rename your VPN adapter to something meaningful like VPN or IPVANISH
"Network Interface" is set to "IPVANISH"
"Optional IP address to bind to" select the ip address of IPVANISH VPN connection often 10.x.x.x

Changing "Optional IP address to bind to" does require a restart, but "Optional IP address to bind to"  does not. Also every time you lose connection, or you VPN provider decides to reconfigure the connection, or you manually or seamlessly jump to a different server, anf throughput stops, you need to check the "Optional IP address to bind to" is set to your 10.x.x.x network ip
i'm not sure if this is the same thing, but when i first installed 4.0.4 most/all of my torrents were "queued" until i went under "BitTorrent" in the options and checked "Do not count slow torrents in these limits". is that what you mean by stalled?
Windows / Re: qBittorrent 4.0.4 "erroneous BT client listening" error
« Last post by puncle on March 09, 2018, 05:53:15 am »
You can install either version over the other and it will retain all your torrents and settings. No problem.
thank you, and everyone else in this thread for all of your help! i downgraded to v4.0.3 and my DIME error instantly went away. i went nuts re-forwarding my ports, adjusting settings, etc., and it seems like the problem is really just on DIME's end regarding v4.0.4. i have no problems using the older version since i primarily was switching to qBt after utorrent became unsafe and banned from some of the trackers i use. i guess i'll try upgrading as a test every few months to see if DIME changes anything.
Permissions seem to be set correctly, although Im not an advanced user. Lots of room on the drive. No errors. It is an internal SSD.
Found the problem and a work-around.

OK, the short version is: The torrent path and file were too long, and was more characters than MAX_PATH supports.

The long version:

I had my folders set to: 
c:\downloads\qbtorrentcomplete < for completed torrents
c:\downloads\qbtorrent < for incomplete torrents

so say i was downloading someones directory like:
c:\the collection of very big an long nonsense nursery rhymes that can fill this space to take up as many characters as possible in a title to make it descriptive\3pigs.pdf
c:\the collection of very big an long nonsense nursery rhymes that can fill this space to take up as many characters as possible in a title to make it descriptive\alice in wonderland and her friends wondering around big and small town to find food.pdf < 252 characters but add this to the path of my download folder and it becomes more than 256 characters supported by windows and when it comes to error checking the files do not read correctly, and start to roll back and appears to delete chunks.

After changing my folders to:
c:\QC < for completed torrents
c:\Q < for incomplete torrents

All worked perfect, did a recheck and the files which looked like the were rolled back were actually present and mostly complete.

I also had nine torrents in a row with this problem.

Devs, the NTFS filesystem supports paths up to 32k characters, perhaps one of the libraries you using is old, or API too backward compatible?

Edit: Today I came across a directory download where the max file length was 274 characters. Making the directory path \ would not even fix this length problem. Had to untick Recheck Torrents On Completion
Introductions / Re: new to qbittorrent
« Last post by Nemo on March 09, 2018, 12:02:55 am »
Windows / Re: moved to nas can't set location for existing completed files
« Last post by williemctell on March 08, 2018, 08:20:12 pm »
Stumbled on an apparent solution.   I manually adjusted the save path for all the completed torrents I wanted to seed.  After numerous forced rechecks that restored some of them to completed status and did nothing for others I accidentally clicked on resume for one.  Bingo.  I started mass selection and resumption.  That does it. 
Windows / Cant get RSS to work
« Last post by Kodrewip on March 08, 2018, 07:20:55 pm »
Hi, i did just migrate from utorrent.
I cant get rss to work using the same filters as i did in utorrent, can someone please help me with how to write?

Must contain: *Movie*Name*2017*1080p*BluRay*
Must not contain: *720p*|*DVDr*|*PDTV*|*HDTV*|*DVDRip*|*BTS*|*Movies Special*|*Movie Special*|*WEB-DL*|*3D*

i have tried alot of different methods, utorrent find the torrent in the feed, but not qbittorrent
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