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Suggestions / Better upload controls please. And other ideas.
« on: December 04, 2018, 03:16:54 am »
I don't know if these ideas are possible but I hope to see them one day.

I am a digital hoarder.  I have big down and little upload capacity.  I want to share more but I find that it gets monopolized.  More specifically, I'd like to share the older less popular files and or the non-seeded or very rare files.

Perhaps I could give "maximum" priority to unseeded and terrible-ratio (1:30+) torrents, "high" priority to low seeds (<10) and low-ratio (1:10-30) torrents, and "low" priority to adequately seeded and popular torrents.  This way the latest popular TV or movie won't eclipse someone trying to get a rare book or song.

Also, I'd like better path management.  Every time I restart some paths break and if I want to continue seeding them I have to move them back to my incoming/incomplete folder to be "re-validated" then they get moved back where they were.  When I "force recheck" it should check 1) the inbox with !qB 2) the inbox without !qB 3) the destination with !qB and 4) the destination without !qB - covering all potential options.  This seems fundamentally obvious to me.

Better still I'd love to simply set up a FreeNAS box with qBittorrent on it.  Even better than that I'd like to set up several qBittorrent FreeNAS boxes with it that could potentially work together rather than fight for bandwidth and/or screw up my router.  If I could do that I'd actually get a better line in a heartbeat for proper sharing.

Lastly, I'd love to see integration/adoption/fusion/usage/whatev of WebTorrent, ZeroNet, IPFS, Holochain, and other decentralized web technologies, though I expect some may not yet be mature enough yet.

Please forgive my non-coder ignorance or if they already exist.

I'll check back soon.  Thanks in advance.  I look forward to hearing any feedback, good bad or educational.

qBittorrent Global Download Tri-Toggle Speed Limit Option Feature Request:

Global Download Speed Limit - add tri-toggle button/option? =  full speed / none / user setting

Why?  I usually have my qBittorrent full throttle open, hovering around 675 KiB/s, only limited by my provider.  When I reboot my other computer (and download drive) I cut it off to none.  Occasionally I want to download something else in a hurry, like a YouTube video, so I set it to about 1/6 by typing 111 because it's low and fast to type but also so it doesn't cut it off my connections.  I don't need more functionality beyond than that.

Ironically, I would also appreciate more options with the Speed graph with only 1, 5, 30 minutes or 6 hours.  I'd also like 1, 2, 12 hours and 1 day, maybe even 1 week, if at all possible.

Huge fan & huge thanks,
~ Jason

Suggestions / qBittorrent Search Feature Requests
« on: January 16, 2017, 11:03:13 pm »
qBittorrent Search Feature Requests

I'd love to have a Search tab section feature like bookmarks or favorites and or backlist history, preferably with sortable sub-folders.  Rather than remembering and/or re-typing my search I could search for the same thing(s) on a regular basis.
- weekly shows
- searching for something rare
- waiting for something to come out
- staying up to date on a name/title/etc
- keep a record of your searches
- a way to organize what you've got or not

Under the Search tab section I'd love for there to be a way to display which torrents I have.  For example, I have a my feed automatically catching all "Tigole" torrents now.  I have 600+.  There are some more older ones out there I'm trying to gather.  Every now and then I search for "Tigole".  It usually returns 300+ names, in black.  I turn them pink when I click through all of them.  I already have most of them and occasionally find a new one.  It would be sooo nice if it would either tell me which I already had (ie. in blue or orange), or probably more practically, if I could "download all" maybe with an option to auto-ignore those I already have.

Huge fan & huge thanks,
~ Jason

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