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Generic / What are all the peers for?
« on: December 13, 2018, 03:55:29 pm »
This is a general "what's going on" kind of question.

I'm seeding a number of tv programs that are old and/or have little interest. For all of them there are <= 10 seeds.
The odd thing is the peer counts. Many have the very low numbers that you'd expect (<= 6), but about one third of them have over 100 peers! And only about 10% have between 6 and 100 peers.

In one case, there's a 4 season show from the middle of last century. Three of the seasons have 2-4 peers, and the remaining season has about 150 peers! There's nothing special about that season; and as I've been seeding it for a long time I can safely say from my ratio that it's actually the *least* downloaded of the seasons.

So what's going on? There's no way there are actually hundreds of people trying to download these things. What are these peers actually doing there? Is it a bug?

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