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Windows / a problem with speed, would apreciateany help at all
« on: March 05, 2019, 12:41:14 am »
hi there! using qbittorent for a while now, quite happy.

while trying to download some very heavy torrents (1080p shows, 80 giga files) on a 40mb speed (top 33) i was getting no more than max 60kb... not very practical.

than i so on a pia forum (i am not using a vpn )that unchecking the rate limit setting, and setting max connections to less than 500/100 (mine was set to 50/25) than i got way better transfer speeds 300,400, 1.2mb. i was evan able to use my internet normaly without any speed limit (usually when i download torrents, my browsing speed slows down very much) now after almost 20 hours like this, the downloads slowd down to a crawl... again. some files are in the bits not evan 1 kb... and my internet is unusablle agian so currently i had to stop the download to aplly for help here.

if someone has any suggestion, i will take it. some of the files wnt from 2 percent to 90 and 70 percent, i was very close to finish my download. oh and one more detail. sometimes but not always when i restart the software or resume download form a pause, it satrt very fast again for afew seconds minute or two, than slows down again. pleasehelp me! thanks in advance.

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