Author Topic: Is this forked "Enhanced Edition" an official sub-version of qBitTorrent?  (Read 721 times)


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I see this forked repo on GitHub claiming to be an "enhanced edition" of qBitTorrent

After reading its readme I find it basically retained all information regarding the qBitTorrent official contact info/website/wiki/forum/etc. In its release page, I see that the additional features it adds are the ability to ban some famous leeching clients in China.

Given the popularity of qBitTorrent, I am very wary about downloading a malware claiming to be qBitTorrent.

Can someone tell if it is just a fork with additional features (the kind that eventually gets merged into the main repo), or it is a repo with suspicious modification to the main repo?


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Seems just a fork with few changed default settings I can see. This release has nothing to do with us.

The source is available for everyone so it can be build and modified like this.
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