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by PhreakyPhool
Tue Sep 15, 2020 1:42 pm
Forum: Windows
Topic: General Support Q&A Windows Thread
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Re: General Support Q&A Windows Thread

I am completely at a loss as to why qbit refuses to upload anything that I am seeding. Even popular torrents with a lot of leechers/seeders with a lot of downloading, I cannot seem to get anything to upload from my end. On windows 10, do I have to open any firewall blocks or what it is, I just canno...
by PhreakyPhool
Mon Jul 06, 2020 7:29 am
Forum: Windows
Topic: Unable to install new version
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Unable to install new version

I am using qbittorrent 4.2.5 on windows 10. I have been facing issues with this for a very long time and have no way to resolve them. I am presently unable to update this version. After trying to run the update file, it tells me that "unable to remove the previous version" Whatever I try, even after...