request for values to be displayed in a consistent style

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request for values to be displayed in a consistent style

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Firstly, I am pleased I "stumbled" upon qBitTorrent. It is much easier to use than anything before.
The best feature for me is the ability to change both folder and file name.
I use this to get consistency with the layout of my filing system, saving me much work after download, especially for episodes of series.

My request relates to the "main" screen (both panels) and is for speed and size to be displayed in a consistent way.
My OS is Windows 10. The qB version in use is v4.3.8

File sizes
These can be under or over 1 GiB resulting in a display of, for example, 1.03 Gib and 8.57 MiB.
My suggestion is file sizes always be displayed in Gib to three decimal places.
In the example above this would be 1.030 Gib and 0.857 GiB
As these values are displayed right justified an outcome is to see magnitude in a consistent way.
The columns affected include Size, Downloaded, Uploaded and Remaining

Like file sizes, speeds can be either B/s, KiB/s or MiB/s. On the main screen, with several files in use, seeing magnitude needs a very versatile mind for those, like me, who are more occasional users of this type of information.
In my experience KiB/s is the speed most prevalent with MiB/s not uncommon.
In my experience B/s is most often seen when my download has finished and others are uploading from the file I have downloaded.
Examples I have seen are 2.4 MiB/s, 391.4 KiB/s and 0 B/s.
Understanding what is happening at a glance is awkward.
My suggestion is that speeds be always be displayed in KiB/s to on decimal place .
The three magnitude ranges currently seen right justified would display: 2,391.4 Kib/s and 391.4 KiB/s and 0.0 Kib/s
The columns affected include Down Speed and Up Speed

I appreciate others may have different experiences.
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