Please relocate "Also delete the files on the hard disk" option

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Please relocate "Also delete the files on the hard disk" option

Post by randalmcdaniel » Wed Jun 15, 2016 8:57 pm

So far in my 1 year of using qbittorrent i have lost an entire 40gb torrent and one 12gb torrent all because of that tricky checkbox. (And because of my own ignorance of course)

In my defense, that option to delete the torrent file is in a very unusual location.

Usually when a notification pops up on PC there is a checkbox at the bottom that says *Do not remind me of this again* So over the years i have grown used to checking off those boxes. This has been a disastrous habit on qbittorrent. But i feel its not entirely my fault.

I was watching a video of a youtuber who was also suggesting qbittorrent and he said "You really got to be careful not to check off this tickbox" so others are aware of the dangers of that box as well and its not just me.

My suggestion is that when you right click a torrent, there should be two options
1. Remove torrent from list
2. Delete torrent contents

Do not bundle both options together like that, it is unnecessarily risky

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