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Label & RSS features

Post by dJe781 »

Hi everyone :)

First of all, I'd like to genuinely congratulate the qBittorrent team for what has been accomplished so far. I'm a happy µTorrent user on my Windows-based workstation, but I've been searching for a replacement on my seedbox for ages. As crazy as it sounds, I haven't found a good enough client yet, "good" meaning an install/setup process short enough to make me recommend this client to friends I'm dragging into Bittorrent's sphere, a µTorrent-like performance, the complete set of features I need, and an ability to run smoothly under quite a nice load (1000+ torrents).

Like twe4k, I'm being curious about qBittorrent because some tracker added it to its client whitelist.

So far, I'm happy with the first two parameters, mostly with the third, and didn't check the fourth yet. I'm currently thinking about switching over qBittorrent but it won't happen unless :
- the RSS downloader allows to automatically apply a label per-filter as I'm using RSS feeds for several types of content.
- the torrent's upload target can be set on a per-torrent basis so that it stops as soon as it reaches it. Some of my torrents are prone to be seeded forever, while some others will have to stop as soon as they reach a ratio of 1+. please, consider adding these features !

Also, I'd have some suggestions for later improvements :
- allow per-label ratio control. In µTorrent, a label is basically a quick-select shortcut for a bunch of torrents. If, at first, a label is set with a 1.1 ratio objective, and if you come to add later another torrent to this label, its properties won't automatically match the label setup. Why is this useful ? Like I wrote it above, some of my torrents aren't meant to stop seeding, while others have to at some point (linked to the upload/download ratio). I'd like to use label as groups, so that a torrent upload objective is automatically set on a per-label basis. Long story short, I'd like that torrents automatically match its label rules, even if the label rules have been set before I decide to apply the label to this torrent. I hope I made myself understandable ;)
- add an availability column to the torrent list view, and make it display an accurate value even if the torrent is seeding. It would make it much easier to determine whether a torrent can be stopped without harming the files' availability or not.

Once again, congratulations for what you've achieved so far, I hope that it gets even better !
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Re: Label & RSS features

Post by Peter »

You should report these with a [Wishlist] tag on the official bugreport forums. That way they'll get implemented (almost for sure).
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