Trap 22 - "Do not count slot speed below" functional error

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Trap 22 - "Do not count slot speed below" functional error

Post by uDev » Wed Sep 18, 2019 12:35 pm

Opening new slots is a really good idea (and feature), but arms a trap:
(my example already occured on my PC, max speed about 17MB/s)

- Settings: download slots set to 1, "don't count slot" speed set to 5MB/s
- Download starts 1-2 MB/s, raise to 4MB/s for minutes
- This speed is below limit, so another download starts. It's speed is "slow", 2 MB/s.
- Another slot opens...
- It reach 5-6 concurrent download with sum speed 12MB/s, also already started download's
speed vary, depending running torrent's availability.
- This fill the write buffer (raising buffer size only delays the problem, but not solve it), and
HDD overload occurs. It lowers the download speed, surely under the limit, so another  slot
- More work for HDD, more HDD speed drop, more download speed drop (nowhere to down-
load), another slot opens....

So close a hour, I have 16 concurrent downloads, sum of 8-10 MB/s speed and heavy HDD load.

This should be easy to fix if there's a value (in settings) for the "don't count slot" max count.

(I hope my topic is understandable, even if my English is not)

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Re: Trap 22 - "Do not count slot speed below" functional error

Post by Switeck » Thu Sep 19, 2019 2:24 pm

Vuze and BiglyBT also have a limit to not start more than "X" number of extra torrents when speeds are low.

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