Idea to use labels/Idea for private tracker

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Idea to use labels/Idea for private tracker

Post by pitovsky » Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:41 pm

The idea can have several labels associated with the same torrent (already requested by someone here) made me think that there could have several functions / commands associated with those labels to automate the work we normally do in using qbittorrent. Take for example the following torrents:

1) FIFA.11-RELOADED - Labels: Games, National, Unpack
2) 30.Days.Of.Night.Dark.Days.2010.CUSTOM.PT.SUBS.NTSC.DVDR-Coc4Col4 - Labels: Movies, National, unpack, subtitles
3) House.S07E02.HDTV.XviD-LOL.avi - Labels: Series, International, subtitles, remove
4) Iron Man 2 (2010) DVDRip XviD-MAXSPEED - Labels: movie, international, subtitles, remove

The first torrent after downloading it I'll have to extract the file and moves it to the folder of Jogos/FIFA.11-RELOADED, leaving the torrent seeding indefinitely. I extract, create folder, move the file to the folder I have creat, and let the seed. So in this example would create the following labels: Games, National, Unzip. Where:
Games - In the Games folder that I want create the folder with the name of the torrent "FIFA.11-RELOADED" (note: there is a continuing FIFA.11-RELOADED folder where I save the completed downloads)
National - here placed a limit on the ratio = 3 with unlimited speed
Unpack - unpack to the folder indicated on the label Games

Now for the third torrent would create the following labels:
Series - I want to create folder in a folder named Series with the name of the Serie and the season season and where you're going to copy / move (depending on whether or not to continue to seed the torrent, and in my opinion the best option is to copy) the file (which would save all the episodes this season)
International - limited upload speed and the ratio
Subtitles - download the legend of this episode for the folder indicated in Series
Remove - remove the torrent and the data after the download is complete

And so on...

I wonder if it is possible to create rules through the tracker (for reasons of ratio in private tracker), ie, I create a label with special rules where they will be automatically put all the torrents with the same tracker. this label will have the following rules:
- A minimum ratio for each torrent = 3
- torrent will have prioritie in upload
- These torrents will be removed automatically if they have a minimum ratio = 3 or if seeding X time or if they are dead for some time
- All the torrents together on this label must have a minimum ratio = 2

I know ... I know ... I am asking a lot ...

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