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Show progress on moving torrents

Posted: Sat Jun 05, 2021 9:15 pm
by larkable
I think there should be a progress bar that says where torrent is at on its journey from one drive to another. Right now it just says "Moving", but there's nothing in the UI that tells me that it's actually working properly. I usually have to look at the Task Manager to see if there is a lot of disk usage for qBittorrent.

If a torrent is completed and is now moving from one drive to another, it should have the status "Completed [Moving]" and the percentage for that torrent should read the % of files transferred. It will say "Completed" so users don't think that the torrent is not finished while the progress updates.

Likewise, there should be an "Incomplete [Moving]" status for torrents that have not yet finished but are being moved.