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Tracker Grouping/Alias

Posted: Fri Sep 03, 2021 7:40 pm
by benspamman
I just updated to 4.3.8 and the new "Group trackers by hostname" feature is quite nice. Makes the tracker section much more readable.

However it still not quite perfect for my use case and wanted to put a suggetion out there for further improvement.

I use some trackers that use multiple different hostnames.

Tracker - ABC

Tracker - XYZ

It would be great to be able to group the hosts for ABC together and give them an alias of "ABC" and likewise for each other tracker.

The end result being on the tracker filter would show the tracker groups and the hosts that have not been put into a group. Perhaps you could expand the group to see the individual hosts in the group and allow for removal from the group.


I have been thinking about a solution like this for a while, but the new feature from 4.3.8 made me think it might be a real possibility now.