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Hello Everyone!

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 6:22 pm
by scryptic
Hey peoples! I've been using Qbit for quite a while now, maybe 5+ years, and I finally decided to join this forum. I'm happy to be here and very appreciative of this forum's existence. It's nice to have a place where I can get direct answers to random questions about qbittorrent.

  I look forward to learning some useful things about configuring Qbit.

I actually decided to join this forum because I wanted to see about fine tuning the security settings of Qbit and I figured there would be plenty of gurus here that have already posted some good stuff.  8)

A little about me: I'm a computer tech student at a local community college. I suppose I'm a little over halfway to my AAS in Computer Technology and since many of the courses required for that just happen to overlap with the course requirements for an AAS in Cyber Security, I might keep going with college and get both degrees to start with.

I plan on getting at least one certificate as well. Probably just a Comp TIA A+ or Microsoft Systems Engineer for now.

Other than that I like to mess with modifying Android ROMs and follow along with XDA Developers forum in my free time. I love the outdoors: disc golf, fishing, hunting, biking, nature walks. Also I really enjoy artwork: painting, oil pastels, clay etc...