In Options I can not see the menu - Version 3.3.5

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In Options I can not see the menu - Version 3.3.5

Post by moor » Mon Jun 20, 2016 9:27 pm

After installing the new version today when i enter to options
All white, there's nothing there.
I removed and installed again Version 3.3.5
The problem has not been fixed.
I deleted again the version 3.3.5 and  installed version 3.3.4  again
And everything is fine (Attached image is where marked with a green marker).
In other words there is a problem with version 3.3.5 in options in Hebrew.
I uploaded the wrong image,
The right image is marked with the orange marker
In Version 3.3.5 English Everything is fine with options (image 3).
But if i change the language to Hebrew
You can see that everything is empty (image 4).
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