Interactive CLI tool for change trackers in qBittorrent (win,mac,linux)

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Interactive CLI tool for change trackers in qBittorrent (win,mac,linux)

Post by rumanzo » Sat Dec 30, 2017 7:05 pm

I wrote Interactive cli tool on golang that change trackers in qBittorrent fastresume files iteratively for cases if they have changed.
At startup, the program will require you to enter the old tracker, the new tracker, and change all files if there are matches.
If there are errors, write to me.
Just do not forget to backup the directory %LOCALAPPDATA%\qBittorrent\BT_backup and close qBittorrent

Added save-path replace functionality for os migrating or drive migration

Project and documentation:
Code: ... tracker.go
windows x86_64 binary: ... _amd64.exe
windows i386 binary: ... 2_i386.exe
linux x86_64 binary: ... md64_linux
linux i386 binary: ... i386_linux
macos x86_64 binary: ... md64_macos
macos i386 binary: ... i386_macos
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