Malicious traffic detected: 'C2/Generic-B'

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Malicious traffic detected: 'C2/Generic-B'

Post by Lumi » Thu Sep 19, 2019 6:09 pm

Running qBittorrent v4.1.7 an got below warning from Sophos Home 2.1.7. Now I am not sure if I got the warning immediately when I started the program or when I started downloading a torrent. Maybe a torrent is being uploaded or download from a known bad site. Not sure what to think...

Malicious traffic detected: 'C2/Generic-B' at 'C:\program files\qbittorrent\qbittorrent.exe' This application was detected connecting to a known bad website.

More info: ... ric-B.aspx

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Re: Malicious traffic detected: 'C2/Generic-B'

Post by there » Sat Sep 21, 2019 2:26 am

"C2/Generic-B is the threat name associated with remote command and control (C&C) servers used by malware in callhome connections."

lpoks like you are connecting to a hosting sevice, or remote sever farm, fairly sure this is a red herring, but you could try the free malwarebytes just to check.

Some companies seem to flag anything unknown, or not wanted as suspicious, as a threat. Take a keygen: it is a suspicious bit of software, not approved by an official supplier. Even if it is not a virus, by using it you are breaking an agreement. Some companies will flag this, others say nothing if a virus has not been found - either way you are still never sure if it really is virus free, or a time bomb without doing extensive checks.  helps to decide.

It is in the a/v companies interest to flag stuff, as it imprints the name of the product in your psyche, and  it makes you aware that it is working and  removing 'unwanted' items, and you should feel grateful that the product has saved you, your pc and company/employer from a continual barrage of potential threats.

there is nothing wrong with the free windows 10 a/v, and integrates well, quite fast, free, but kills many ms keygens ;)

I use avira. I have also white listed qbtorrent.exe and the vpn software. Also on large downloads with many sources I suspect the av keeps checking the file on every write giving me about a 350k download throughput. With the a/v real-time checker on pause, I get 1.2M throughput
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