Trying to remove subfolders

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Trying to remove subfolders

Post by Nomeru » Sun Sep 22, 2019 4:18 am

Greetings. Using Win10, qBit 4.1.7. I'm trying to reorganize something I've already got and running into some trouble. A torrent I've got and want to keep seeding has files divided into subfolders and I want them all organized under one folder.

The torrent organizes it like so:
Download location
-Parent Folder
--Subfolder A
--Subfolder B
--Subfolder C

You get the idea. I want all those files to simply be under a parent folder.

I'd like it to be like:
Folder (either download location or parent folder-this is whatever)

I felt like I was very close too. I removed the torrent, moved all the files to one location, and readded it without subfolder option checked (removing parent folder listed above, I changed location appropriately) paused and was able to change each Subfolder name to ".". This results in all the files showing directly in the "Content" tab and no subfolders, but I can't force recheck now. I can open the files by double clicking, I can move them by changing download location, but it won't recognize that they're the same files now. I can remove the torrent again, reorganize the files in their subfolders again, and it rechecks fine-they are the same files.

Any suggestions for how to get this to work properly?

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