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HD Access not showed up in ressource manager

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 4:21 am
by Zapatta
Hello, I apologize for my terrible English before starting try to expose the problem.

When I launch Qbitorrent my hard drives start to make noise and there is clearly a non stop access to some of my disks.
All my temp file for torrent are localized on SSD and SSD make no noize.
I cleared all files in Qbitorrent, there is only 4 files, 1 active and 1 terminated.
I dont see any access to hard drives other than to my SSD (c:) in task monitor or ressources monitor and that is really weird.

When I quit Qbitorrent there is not much noise, only a bit of noise time to time.

That is really weird to me and I absolutly need to know what happens.