Help out a noob with port forwarding please.

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Help out a noob with port forwarding please.

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Hi all,

I'm feeling like a fool and could do with some help.

I'm on Virgin media hub 3, with my hub being in modem mode and I'm using TPLink Deco M4 mesh devices (one being the router now).

I'm getting extremely slow downloads on my qbit so I guess I need to do some work....

I'm also using a PIA as my VPN provider. Do I need to do something with that?

Can someone tell me if I need to open ports on my hub or the mesh device?

What numbers do I put in please?

On my settings on qbit, it showing as Enable protocol YCP and UTP,

Port used for incoming connections and then a number

Everything else is unticked.

Sorry for all the questions and thanks for taking the time to read.


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