I can upload but not download

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I can upload but not download

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(Warning: Potenial duplicate post. I posted about this 8 hours ago, but it hasn't showed up.)

On the very occasional torrent I am connected and am uploading but not downloading.
This may have started right after upgrading to 4.1.5.
http://porttest.net/# reports I am connectable.
I have several thousand torrents running. Until a few days ago I could upload and download without a hitch.
Recently several torrents stalled: I'm connected and continue to upload but can't download.
I'm running QB 4.1.5 under WIn10. (I'd prefer not to upgrade to latest release because
some sites don't appear to have whitelisted it yet.)
Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can provide.
Qt 5.11.2
Boost 1.68.0

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