SUGGESTION - RSS Ability to assign tracker URL

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SUGGESTION - RSS Ability to assign tracker URL

Post by bellyman69 » Thu Jun 18, 2020 4:37 pm

New post but perhaps a related issue to viewtopic.php?f=9&t=7248.

I am using a VPN and the website I use will not allow me to download unless I log into that website with the same IP or I integrate the passkey on the URL. I have done the latter. All works fine if it has a passkey or doesn't have the key but I have logged in. However, the IP can change on a dime and the passkey is the better method.

If I download manually - the .torrent will contain the tracker URL and passkey (per the site settings).

I then see a bunch of items not downloading and it is related to the RSS app - it matches and creates the download but since their feed does not include a passkey, the RSS will not automatically add the passkey and now I either have to do the logout/login trick, or manually go and update the tracker URL with the passkey (copy/paste).

In the options under Bittorrent there is a way to [x] Automatically add these trackers to new downloads; though I use many sites and question this - it didn't add the tracker I entered when I did a RSS download.

I am requesting that something be done with the RSS app to allow us to modify the URL before adding to the the downloads (after a filter trigger).
(X) Do not modify tracker ( ) Update tracker URL with value ( ) Replace URL ( ) Add URL

Then I could (x) Update tracker URL with value then put in the box ?passkey=whefowhfowhefowehf (or replace with a specific tracker line). The RSS "rules/action/trigger" iteration would have the URL. There would not be any "master" table to deal with.

The passkey is legit until *I* revoke it so it would be rather static. With more using VPNs and perhaps some sites having this option with passkeys, something like this would be helpful.


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