IIS logs filled with GET /announce - tracker.dutchtracking.nl

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IIS logs filled with GET /announce - tracker.dutchtracking.nl

Post by schui1024 » Wed Jul 22, 2020 12:36 pm

I've been running Qbittorrent for around 5 years now, and have no problems with it. In fact it's so good I've been pushing people I know to use it over other torrent apps for all the features it provides.
I've never had problems until a few days ago, and I can't put my finger on the cause.

I run qbt on the same computer that runs Windows IIS, for which I have logging enabled for security and auditing reasons.
A few days ago the log files started to record repeated entries for GET /announce - tracker.dutchtracking.nl.
I can tell it's to do with qbt as when I close the app and leave it closed, no new entries are made until the app reopens.

If it were a few or occasional, I could live with it. However it's nearly 3mb of txt log files every day, just with
2020-07-19 00:48:00 GET /announce - tracker.dutchtracking.nl as an example.

It's gonna drive me mad at some point, so I wondered if anyone had any idea as to why this might have started occuring.
I've turned off "Always announce to all trackers in a tier" in case that was causing it, but couldn't see anything else with options for announce.

Any advice / ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: IIS logs filled with GET /announce - tracker.dutchtracking.nl

Post by Peter » Mon Jul 27, 2020 12:32 pm

It seems like there is a tracker called... "tracker.dutchtracking.nl", BUT it leads to
- This could be a DNS thing.
- Antivirus thing.
- Or a "hosts" entry.

Just remove the said tracker from a torrent YOU are running right now. Some torrent you added has this tracker line in it. And each time it refreshes the tracker, it'll connect to your IIS, try to connect to the tracker (because it's just a simple request basically) and your PC just logs the connection.

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