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No Sign of Activity

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The torrents download, but there is no sign of activity.
There is no Download Speed or ETA.
These remain at 0 B/s and Infinite all the time while the % Done increases till complete.
This is a problem because I often pause all torrents that have no activity when I need the more of the CPU.
I am running Windows 7 Ultimate with a VPN and a Proxy.
Settings I know I have changed or at least remember I have changed are as follows:

BEHAVIOR & DOWNLOADS - No Changes remembered.
--- Although I should note Default Torrent Management Mode is set to "Manual"

Connection - Made the following changes:
--- Port used for incoming connections 3245 Random
--- Box unchecked for Use UPnP / NAT-PMP port forwarding from my router
--- Box unchecked for Use different port on each startup
Connection Limits
--- Global Maximum number of connections = 500
--- Maximum number of connections per torrent = 100
--- Global Maximum number of upload slots = 30
--- Maximum number of upload slots per torrent = 4
Proxy Server
Type SOCKS5 Host: **********.com
--- Box checked for Use proxy for peer connections
--- Box unchecked for Use proxy only for torrents
--- Username ******************
--- Password ******************

SPEED - No Changes remembered.

BitTorrent - Made following changes:
--- Encryption mode: Allow encryption
--- Enable anonymous mode
Box Checked for Torrent Queueing
--- Maximum active downloads - 3
--- Maximum active uploads - 2
--- Maximum active torrents - 5

RSS - No Changes remembered.

Web UI - No Changes remembered.

Advanced - Made following changes:
--- Network Interface (Requires restart) - MyLynx

Any help is appreciated.

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