Qbittorrent and Hide.me VPN

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Qbittorrent and Hide.me VPN

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Hello guys,

I was looking for a VPN and decided to try out Hide.me, plus they offered me 2 days premium to test it.
(when the others required my credit card from the start...)

Anyone here already tested Qbittorrent with Hide.me ? because i have an issue...

If i want to activate the Stealh Guard feature of Hide.me (which is to force Qbittorrent to only work when the VPN is active) i have to put a proxy

SOCKS5 socks.hide.me : 1080

So when i do that, whenever i stop the VPN, Qbittorrent stops working as well... All good.

BUT... If i put the Proxy, the search feature of Qbittorrent is not working anymore, can't search for torrents :-(

I have attached some screenshots of my config, if anyone can help me on how to get both Stealth Guard and Search working ?

(i am asking here because of course, hide.me support had no idea on how to make the search function work with their proxy...)
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