Peers and Seeds for my torrent with no uploads

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Peers and Seeds for my torrent with no uploads

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Probably a noob question:

I've ripped a couple old vinyl records to MP3s and created .torrent files using QBT's Torrent Creator and the Top 20 tracker list. These are records that I couldn't find anywhere online (and I've done my fair share of searching/downloading), so probably no one had them yet (especially not using my file/folder names).

I haven't posted the torrent to any trackers (public or private- it appears to be a hassle to get going, but that's a separate issue ;-) and I haven't seen any uploads, yet the UI shows a number of seeds and peers. (see attached - Nick Lowe and Alan ODay are my torrents)

DHT/PeX/LPD are all enabled, so I guess there's some access possible that way, but shouldn't there be visible uploads?

So, what's going on? Are people getting my files? Are they likely to be scraped and posted to public trackers?

Background info, explanations, or pointers/links to the info are welcome. Thanks in advance for taking the time.
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