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to make Qbittorrent the downloader for Sorran ... IE ... using Jackett as its' identifier ... it ask for a URL I can find no solution for

these are the settings I can't figure out & instructions I've found so far that make no sense ...

Torrent Client Settings

Name - The name of the download client within Sonarr ... qBittorrent !?!?!
Enable - Enable this Download Client ... check !!!

I got this ??????

Host - The URL of your download client .... locahost
Port - The port of your download client ... 8080

Use SSL - Use a secure connection with your download client. Please be aware of this common mistake. ??? NOT TICKED
URL Base - Add a prefix to the url; this is commonly needed for reverse proxies. ???

Url Base
Adds a prefix to the qBittorrent url, e.g. http://[host]:[port]/[urlBase]/api

the above 2 parts ain't adding up ..... & this is where I get stuck(like chuck) ...

Username - the username to authenticate to your client ... no log on credentials required
Password- the password to authenticate to your client ......OR password required on Qbitttorrent ?!?!?!?!?
Category - the category within your download client that Sonarr will use ... WHATEVER !?!?!

I ain't trying to use it for episodes ... just as the downloader client

Any Help will be appreciated !?!?!?!
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