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qBittorrent improvements survey - please participate!

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2021 11:38 pm
by FranciscoPombal

I am a team member of the project and have been contributing to it for some time now (
I have decided to integrate some of the work I've done as part of a Master's degree thesis.

As part of this work, I have created a survey aimed at users (with any kind of technical expertise) and contributors of the software to gauge the impact of certain changes and contributions (mainly related to CI, build system and issue tracker management):

All responses are anonymous, and the survey should only take about 5 to 10 minutes of your time to go through.

Your participation in the survey is much appreciated, as the analysis of its results will be an integral part of my thesis.

Re: qBittorrent improvements survey - please participate!

Posted: Thu Aug 05, 2021 7:10 am
by vincen
Would have been happy to fiil your form if it was not using/hosted at evil :P Why not use great existing open-sources tools avalaible for that ?