latest QB suddenly will not show main window

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latest QB suddenly will not show main window

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update: it appears the Emsisoft anti-malware latest update has blocked QB. I set the app to "trusted" in Emsisoft, and it is still being blocked with no notification. I have filed a support request with Emsisoft.

Win 10 64.

Suddenly latest version 4.3.7 refuses to show the QB main window when launched. No error occurs.

I restarted Windows; same behavior. I uninstalled QB, then rebooted, amd re-installed: same problem.

QB is not starting with Win 64, and I set that option when i reinstalled.

I notice that Task Manager shows two QT processes running; both labeled 32 bit.

I re-installed the latest version, and it started to launch, but, then the main window closed, and further attempts to start the app do nothing.

I uninstalled the release version, and installed the current beta 64: same behavior.

No other software exhibits this behavior.

thanks, Bill
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