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already % 100 downloaded files seems incomplete

Posted: Sun Sep 05, 2021 1:08 pm
by hyigit
Hi all

I have been using qbittorrent sşbce I have learnt its existence and I love it.
But now I am experiencing an interesting problem and not sure why this happened.
First I will try to explain: I have downloaded a discography (in fact first 20 CDs/folders) as you can see on ss I attached, (I joined two ss, you can see the folders downloaded % 100 on upper ss ) Everything was smooth, downloaded fast and without any problem,
Than I removed the torrent from list, I only removed torrent, not files, but before removing torrent I took an SS so I could know which files were not donwloaded)
Than wanted to download the folers remaining and added torrent once again, as you know- qbittorrent first checked downloaded material and I saw something interesting, the %100 downloaded files/folders are not %100 anymore ( you can see on attached file ) . I open these the folders which seems not completed, and I see that files are complete/ not corrupted. and plays without any problem.
My question is: what happened and why happened this? Can I see the files/folders %100 downloaded on list again? Should I download these files again because when I add them once again, they are downloading.
Thanks in advance