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"Nordlynx" network interface setting not working (v4.3.8)

Posted: Tue Sep 07, 2021 12:17 pm
by astral
NordVPN did a client update recently and perhaps some stuff in the background. Since then, I can no longer get any connections when the "Nordlynx" option is selected in Advanced. Changing it to "Any interface" seems to work, indicating it's not my internet connection, router etc.

FWIW I port forwarded appropriate settings and tried the NordVPN proxy settings just to see if something would tick over but it didn't work.

I suspect something needs to be updated to match the recent Nord changes.

If someone has another suggestion to work around this issue but still have it interface through my VPN please let me know (e.g. through Ethernet 3, 4, or Loopback??)