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Qbit UI wont open/maximise from tray

Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2021 8:28 am
by sharlock

I use Qbittorrent x64 version qbittorrent_4.3.8_x64_setup on Windows 10 (latest updated version) and I have been facing an issue for the past few versions of the app. I want to start by saying that i have a huge collection of torrents in my queue close to 1800 and this has never been an issue with the app before but these days, the app UI wont launch.

I have set the app to launch at startup and its set to start as minimized and minimized to tray, so whenever my OS boots up, the app starts in the background and is supposed to download the torrents automatically, only notifying me when a torrent is completed. This has been happening flawlessly for years and suddenly a couple of updates ago, the app started crashing a lot and the Qbittorrent UI doesnt appear ie. the window doesnt maximize from the tray.

But on rare occassions, it does open and stays minimized if i ever minimize the window. I dont think it even downloads any of my torrents in its current state.

Can someone help me with this?