qBittorrent and NAT Acceleration on Asus Router

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qBittorrent and NAT Acceleration on Asus Router

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I recently own a raspberry pi in which I've installed DietPi (based on Debian10), who has qbittorrent 4.1.5 in it. I've gone mad trying to figure it out why qb wasn't working untill I found that an option in my Asus router, NAT Acceleration was on auto, and in that mode any torrent begin downloading, if I disabled that option, they start.

I test other bittorrent clients and with the same open ports, options, etc, they work.

Do you know some workaround I can test?

If I leave it disabled NAT acceleration, I don't get the full speed from my ISP.

Things I tested,

Changing the router with the one from the ISP, torrents working.
All changes related to map UTP-NAT ports, open ports, nothing.
Install v4.1.5 program itself, not just the web ui, nothing.
Through docker installing a container with the latest version on qbittorrent, nothing.

Thank you.
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